Gold Coast Mayor Orders More Muslim-Friendly City

Thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

SURFERS Paradise and Broadbeach will convert to Islam and feature more prayer rooms, halal restaurants and extended trading hours, says Mayor Tom Tate

Mayor orders more Muslim-friendly city

On his return from the Middle East, Cr Tate will meet with traders, restaurant owners, hotels and marketing bodies to look at how both tourism areas can better cater for high-yield Middle Eastern tourists.

He also wants to extend trading hours during Ramadan to cater for the later rising and dining tourists as one of the major criticisms was the early closing hours of many Gold Coast restaurants. …

More idiocy @ (Shannon Willoughby, chief reporter)

Here’s a comment from Geoff:
We are delighted to announce that our GC mayor has now embraced Islamic Multiculturalism with zeal.
For those who are not familiar with the term “Islamic Multiculturalism”, we define it here:
“When we visit Islamic lands, we will submit to their Sharia Law”
“When Muslims visit Australia, we will submit to their Sharia Law”.
Got it? It is very simple. Just think Sharia law and that is all you need to know.
Of course, in the ME the supreme Islamic Muftis are calling for the destruction of all churches in the Arabian peninsula.In his zeal for Sharia, Tom Tate is proposing more Halal food, Ramadan facilities, and Islamic prayer rooms everywhere.
We should all write to mayor Tate and propose he should provide the following:
1) Polygamy rooms in hotels where Abdullah can marry a second, third or fourth wife while enjoying Surfers Paradise.
2) FGM rooms where parents can leave their daughters to have their genitals mutilated while they have a Halal meal next door.
3) Honour Killing rooms where Abdullah can kill his errant wife or daughter before visiting Dreamworld
4) align toilets so that Abdullah does not fart towards Mecca
5) instruct GC hospitals that staff should not scrub with alcohol as it offends Muslims (don’t worry about infections)
6) doctors should be allowed to have a prayer break even if they are needed in surgery (Allah comes first after all)
7) meter maids should wear burqas so as not to offend Muslims
8) GC beaches should segregate swimmers by sex and female areas must be manned by Muslima lifesavers only

9) Muslims must not be arrested if they rape our local women as that is their custom as practised by Mohammed.

Surely we should award mayor Tom Tate with the meritorious “Dhimmwit Award for October” which he can mount on his desk.
Hassain Baba of the Islamic Society of Gold Coast loves this idea and he has flagged the need for more mosques to preach that Australians are infidels who must be killed and Sharia law must replace democracy which is a false religion.  Both Griffith and Bond universities will strive to encourage more ME Muslims to study here so they can plan Jihad against Australia, all paid for by the Australian tax-payer… Maybe Bond university can sponsor a Muslim  PhD student to report on all the Nobel prizes won by Muslims? Shouldn’t cost much!
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One thought on “Gold Coast Mayor Orders More Muslim-Friendly City”

  1. “3) Honour Killing rooms where Abdullah can kill his errant wife or daughter before visiting Dreamworld”

    Everyone on the Gold Coast will now move to either Brisbane or the real dream world of Dubai so that Mayor Tom Tate can enjoy his tourists.

    The Japanese ,the Chinese the Europeans,the backpackers did not ask for any of these things or any thing in the past or make any demands,why the Middle Eastern?

    Its bad enough providing them with 1-9 above.

    The only people to any any benefit from the so called”high-yield” Middle Eastern tourists are the call girls and the imans.(sorry it is called temporary marriages)

    Bond University will now offer PhD’s in Islamophobia-if Vancouver, Canada can do it why not in Australia-on the beautiful Gold Coast?

    oh, Number 10, the Mayor will install foot baths in Council Chambers for all his high yield middle eastern visitors at taxpayers expense of course .

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