$hrillary: “I travelled the world to clean up after Bush”

While  ducking sniper fire in Kosovo:

$hrillary: “I had to travel the world to clean up after Bush”

Clean up after Bush? Hillary can’t even get a stain out of a blue dress for Pete’s sake!

Shrillary speaks French?


Thomas Jefferson’s Koran and that Regurgitated “Iftar Dinner” BS

Thousands of veterans marched in Washington DC today.

Despicable CNN

Nucking Futz

 MuBro Rat Mohamed Elibiary in the Spite House Tells Copts to Shut UP

Coptic Leaders Condemn Obama Adviser’s Anti-Coptic Tweets

Just because Koranimals burned 80 Christian churches is no reason to complain. Shut up or else!

Major Coptic leaders are condemning Mohamed Elibiary, an Obama administration Homeland Security adviser, for suggesting that Copts who raise awareness of anti-Christian violence mass-murder and mass-rape of Christians in Egypt promote “Islamophobic” bigotry.

Elibiary sent out a series of tweets that Coptic leaders found offensive last month. The tweets appeared to chastise the Coptic community for lobbying on behalf of their relatives in Egypt. He targeted them because they had aligned themselves with conservative groups that he called “Islamophobic.”

One thought on “$hrillary: “I travelled the world to clean up after Bush””

  1. Oh. here we go again.

    Bush’s fault part two.

    I guess like Reagan, the Dems are going to blame Bush for the next 20 years too.

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