I was made victorious with terror!

Massive fights in southern Moscow after [Muslim] migrant accused of killing local

by Eeyore/Vlad Tepes

Kenya Mall Jihad: could it happen here? (It already did.)

Could the Kenya mall jihad attack happen here? It did — in Salt Lake City, in 2007

News flash: it did.

Remember Sulejman Talovic?

“Could the Kenya attack happen here? It did,” by Paul Sperry in the New York Post, October 12 (thanks to Robert Spencer)

UK: Four arrested in London terror raids

Whitechapel is where Muslim Sharia enforcers were harassing non-Muslims for not observing Sharia. “Four arrested in London terror raids,” from the BBC, October 13 (thanks to JW):

Four men have been arrested in London in a counter-terrorism operation, the Metropolitan Police have said.

Islamic jihadist in Afghan army uniform shoots at U.S. soldiers, murdering at least one

America continues to pour out her blood and treasure for this repressive state, with no clear objective or mission in view other than a never-defined “victory.” No one ever clearly defined what victory would look like in Afghanistan.

Gotta have that (submissive) attitude:

I think we need to deport quite a few Mustards for expressing “anti-Christian” and “anti-Jewish” attitudes…..
Kerried Away:
Kerry’s ideal multi-faith model is a country that seized 20,000 Christian bibles and destroys a Hindu temple every 3 weeks.
Libyan’s love us now for liberating them, right?

Libya unleashed. And the O-hits just keep on coming.

Libyan Organization Calls To Abduct U.S. Nationals In Order To Bargain For Release Of All Muslims In U.S. Prisons MEMRI (via Pamela Geller)

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