In their own words

Muslims in Murfreesboro no longer find it necessary to conceal their affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood,  and why should they?

The Mask Comes Off

The White House proudly displays its loyalty to the Ikhwan. If it’s good enough for Washington D.C., it’s good enough for Murfreesboro.

No Denying that Badawi is Muslim Brotherhood

Civilization Jihad in Tennessee

Christian and Jewish groups in the Nashville area have lent their support to a mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, that doesn’t bother trying to hide its connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. (GoV)

More From Jamal Badawi (GoV)

Jamal Badawi is an Egyptian-born Canadian imam and a popular lecturer on Islamic doctrines and Shariah. As reported here previously, Prof. Badawi will visit Tennessee next month to share his expertise at an interfaith event at the Murfreesboro Mosque.

Prof. Badawi is unabashed in his support of the Muslim Brotherhood, and his name is associated with an alphabet soup of unindicted co-conspirators in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial. With the President of the United States firmly in the Muslim Brotherhood camp, there is no longer any need for US agents of the Ikhwan to conceal their proclivities.

The following report from Canada fills in some more background on Jamal Badawi. Tennesseans, take note!

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