Volgograd bombing: female suicide bomber recently converted to Islam, was the wife of a militant leader…

Bus bombed. That faith suspected

Andrew Bolt

What is it about the faith that seems to licence such savagery?

(The question is redundant. If Bolt would take time out to read Koran, sira and hadith he wouldn’t need to ask.)

A female suicide bomber has attacked a bus in southern Russia, killing at least six people in the deadliest such blast outside the volatile North Caucasus region in nearly three years.

The bombing in Volgograd was likely to raise fears of further attacks by Islamist militants as Russia prepares to host the Winter Olympics in February in Sochi…

Citing a regional investigative source, the Interfax news agency said identity documents belonging to the suspected bomber were found near the site, and that she was believed to have been the wife of an Islamist militant.


Converts, more able to move without suspicion, are suspected: 

The Investigative Committee has identified the woman who was the suicide bomber behind the blast: it’s allegedly Naida Asiyalova, from Dagestan.

The preliminary information indicates that “the female suicide bomber recently converted to Islam, and was the wife of a militant leader,” an Investigative Committee representative told the media…

According to information obtained by LifeNews from security sources, the suicide bomber, Asiyalova, earlier recruited a young Muscovite, Dmitry Sokolov, who became a skilled bomber respected by Islamist militants. The 22-year-old reportedly fell in love with the female recruiter while studying Arabic in a Moscow university. She then turned him to radical Islam and convinced him to leave home for Makhachkala… Sokolov, now known as Abdul Jabbar, is wanted in Dagestan for taking part in two terrorist explosions, in which at least 29 people were injured, the media added.


Recruiting more such jihadists in the UK:

The jihadist speaks with an unmistakable London accent, railing against “disbelievers who dominate our lives and our lands” in a glossy propaganda video for al-Shabaab, the Somali Islamic extremist group that claimed responsibility for last month’s attack on Kenya’s premier shopping mall…

The remarkable thing about these glossy infomercials for global jihad is that they are being directly aimed at potential recruits from the West

Against a backdrop of sweeping shots of the London skyline, the narrator names ten militants – men with apparent links to Britain – who he says have been killed in armed struggle, becoming “martyrs.”…

He introduces another fighter called Talha, saying he’s “a towering figure” from London’s East End.

Talha then… delivers a call to arms.

“I call on you today – all the Muslim men in Britain, especially the city of Tower Hamlets,” referring to an impoverished part of East London with a large Muslim population.

Recruiting in the US, too:

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  1. Similar story to the one below.Except in Russia the wife knew what she was doing.Wonder why the husband did not do it himself.

    The Muslim man who sent his pregnant wife on a flight with a bomb without her knowing.She fainted when she was told what her husband had done.

    Hindawi was born in Baqura, Jordan, just south of the Sea of Gallilee. In 1979, after beginning a career as a journalist in Amman, he moved to London.
    Hindawi went to Syria in 1985, where he was allegedly recruited by officials in Syrian Air Force Intelligence to carry out a bombing on an El Al airliner. Once he received the explosives in London, he gave them to his pregnant fiancée Anne Mary Murphy, who unknowingly took his bag. When she attempted to board her flight from Heathrow Airport to Tel Aviv, El Al security officials stopped her, and the police began a search for Hindawi. Hindawi surrendered to police the following day and was sentenced to 45 years imprisonment.


    Pipes provides a great read.

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