Lampedusa, Europe is not guilty

Neither is Australia.

But first Andrew Bolt on the situation in Australia:

Immigration – or colonisation?

After all that media beatup about Indonesia being angry with Tony Abbott, strong evidence that it has in fact cooperated as it never did with Labor to stop the boats:

Operation Sovereign Borders showing success already

Not much sign at all of the “confrontation” with Indonesia that Kevin Rudd said Tony Abbott would create:

MORE than 550 would-be asylum-seekers have been stopped from getting on boats in Indonesia since the federal election as a result of cooperation with Jakarta.

We too, we too!

Labor claims it also had Indonesia stopping lots of boats – but unaccountably, for that spin-mad government, failed to tell us about it until now:  One boat in a week

Lampedusa, Europe is not guilty!

Ivan Rioufol On Lampedusa, Unmerited Guilt, And The Self-Destruction Of Europe 

The EU is ready to euthanize emotional Old Europe .

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Lampedusa: Europe is not guilty

Par Ivan Rioufol le 11 octobre 2013

The EU is her own scarecrow. Her odes to immigration from the third world and the visibility of islam, consequences of multiculturalism which she wants to impose, make her unpalatable  to  the people who are attached to their identity.


To hear Martin Schulz, President of the Parliament, makes one understand the rise of “populism” which he denounces: he is one of the reasons for this  democratic (demographic?) insurrection. Schulz only swears by the “without borders-ism, the welcome of the Other, the protection of minorities”, without worrying about the reactions of the invaded nations.

This is the credo which he repeated, Monday, after  the tragedy of Lampedusa, an Italian island, off whose coast  300 immigrants had perished.

“In the silence of this semicircle one can hear the cries of children, one can see their parents drown!”, he said, appealing for a “turn in EU politics”. “We must open legal ways of immigration” explained Cecilia Malmstrom yesterday. An emotional EU is ready to euthanise the Old Europe.

These angelical eurocrates worry about the rise of racism. In France this risk is regarded as a danger by 74% of the respondents to a Licra study. But it is these new priests and professionals of the antiracism who gave birth to  this hell. By promoting ethnic identities “black, blanc, arab” and crossbreeding,  they introduced the venom of racial references and the confrontation of identities.

Their xenophilia leads them to despise the native, presumed carrier of all vices: they demand of him to delute himself in the name of an enlarged Europe that is  uprooted, amnesiac, constructed on social and environmental values which reduce the common base to degree zero of cultural cohesion. Yes, she invites the suicide of a civilisation, this sovietoid and moralising EU. No, thank you.

If one understands these fake “nice-ones”  who are exasperated by the fact that the people represents an obstacle to their replacement fancies, correctly, the old continent should just disappear (I dont know the exact translation of “battre sa coulpe” and assume it’s slang for “disappear, or piss off”)>

Ivan Rioufol on October 11, 2013

The European Union ( EU) is its own scarecrow. Its odes to third world immigration and visibility of Islam consequences of multiculturalism that wants to impose , make it unpalatable to the people attached to their identity. Listen to Martin Schulz, President of the Parliament , is to understand the rise of ” populism ” he complains : there is a reason for this democratic uprising. Schulz swears by the non – frontiérisme, (open borders) welcoming the other, the protection of minorities , regardless of the reactions of the invaded nations. It is this belief that he repeated on Monday , about the tragedy of Lampedusa , an Italian island off which more than 300 migrants died . ” In the silence of this Chamber , we hear cries of children, seen their parents drown ! ” Has he said, calling it ” a turning point in the policy of the EU.” ” We need to open legal channels of immigration ,” said Commissioner Cecilia Malmström yesterday . The EU is ready to euthanize emotional Old Europe .

Angelic Eurocrats worry racism comes up. In France , this risk is seen as a threat to 74% of respondents ( Lycra study). But these are the new priests and professionals antiracism who gave birth to this hell. Promoting ethnic identities “black , white, arab ” and miscegenation , they introduced the poison of racial references and the clash of identities. Xenophilia leads them to despise Aboriginal , alleged bearer of all evil : there he ordered to be diluted in the name of an enlarged Europe , uprooted , amnesia , built on social and environmental values ​​reducing the common ground zero degree cultural cohesion . Yes, this is the suicide of a civilization that invites the EU soviétoïde and moralizing . No, thank you .

If one understands the ” wrong kind ” which horripilent what the people hinder their remplacistes fads, the Old Continent is sentenced to beat his breast . (The rest here)

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