CNN can’t say that the world’s worst terrorists are …………..?

Andrew Bolt:

CNN says there is something debatable about its list of the world’s 10 worst terrorists:

Any compilation of the world’s most dangerous terrorists is a hazardous undertaking, a shifting list that’s open to endless debate… Some are ideologues and planners, others “operational,” and some are both.

But all are…

Again, spot the only two exceptions in the FBI’s most-wanted list. Yes, only the eco-terroristand Black Panther racist do not share the faith of the others, including the Fliipinos:


Curious, this overwhelming representation of one faith.


“Wanted” Posters Depicting Islamic Terrorists Are ‘Demeaning’ to Islamic Terrorists

Lawyers for Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer ask federal court to order King County to run anti-terrorism bus advertisement picturing 16 Muslim terrorists

Thumbnail image for AFDI Terrorism Ad.jpg

Would you ever imagined that twelve years after 9/11, it would be “demeaning” and “objectionable” to show pictures of the Islamic jihadists who have dedicated their lives to murdering non-Muslims, particularly Americans? If anything shows the true colors of the Islamic supremacist advocacy groups and purveyors of the “Islamophobia” myth, it is this: they have succeeded in making it mainstream opinion to resist jihad terror and Islamic supremacism is “hateful” and “bigoted.”

“Lawyers for Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Ask Federal Court to Order King County to Run Anti-Terrorism Bus Advertisement Picturing 16 Muslim Terrorists,” from theAmerican Freedom Law Center, October 10: (JW)