Magdi Allam: NO to Mosques, they are places to be feared!

Magdi Allam: The Lies And Deception That Led Italians To Allow, And Partly Pay For, A Huge Mosque At Colle Val D’Elsa 

by Hugh Fitzgerald


That particular spot in Tuscany — Colle Val D’Elsa — in its quintessential tuscanness, was particularly favored by the late Oriana Fallaci, who became enraged whenever she thought of a mosque at that place so Tuscan and so dear to her. And now it has happened. And with financial aid from the local Commune, deceived by the head of the local Muslims, one Jabareen, who presented himself as a sweet “moderate” and who turns out to be linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. And Allam goes on to say why mosques are not like churches and synagogues, but represent a danger to Italy and its people, and argues that no more mosques should be built anywhere in Italy.



Mosque Construction and the Changing Demographics of the West

Here is Magdi Allam:

COLLE DI VAL D’ ELSA – On May 19, 2013,

This is a google translation with many flaws. Italian readers, please help us with a correct translation. Gracie!

The journalist , writer and MEP , Magdi Cristiano Allam , who was born in Egypt in 2008 and converted to Christianity , in the columns of The Journal wrote: ” In Colle Val D’Elsa the new Italian mosque megaphone of Islamic fundamentalism .” And again: “We are seeing , for many unknowingly to other irresponsibly dell’islamicamente correct evolution of the species in Italy. Beginning there was the mosque of Segrate, the first with dome and minaret, granted at the local level in deference to the wishes of foreign Islamic community to take root in our country. arose after the Great Mosque of Rome, financed by Saudi Arabia , commissioned nationally by the political class that ruled in the First Republic as a monument to the choice of Italy ally and submit to the holders of the god oil on the other side of the Mediterranean . Now, finally, in the context of globalization and multiculturalism inspired by speculative finance , will inaugurate the Mosque of Colle Val D’Elsa wanted and managed by an Italian public institution , the City (operated by always communists and their descendants ) , funded with a total of 500 thousand euro from an Italian bank , Monte dei Paschi di Siena , through its Foundation (also in the hands of the Communists and their descendants.) So how will the first mosque in Italy represent and serve as a sounding board of the so-called Arab Spring . ”

On this last topic of the ” Arab Spring ” , Magdi Allam, who among other things , is under guard , he thought equally clear : “The most colossal media lie that has allowed the rise to power of the fundamentalists and the Islamic extremist right in front of our house , accepting the generous donations of Qatar and Saudi Arabia ( the total cost of the mosque is 1.5 million euro ), which are the ones that fund Islamic terrorists who are killing Christians and minorities non- Sunni Islamic . ”
Italians and around the world, remember well , the images of the populations of North Africa take to the streets to protest and ask for a breath of fresh air . Egypt, Tunisia and so on. Unwittingly it , just today , even in Tunisia, after the recent events in Egypt , where the Muslim Brotherhood were ousted by the military, the Islamist party Ennahda , accused of being pro- fundamentalist , is in serious difficulties for the protests.
Clear thinking, clear , to Allam . That day, for Colle has arrived. Today there was the inauguration of the mosque , strongly supported by the local authorities that have occurred over the years. Example of democracy ? Of multiculturalism ? “I have closely followed the story of the Mosque of Colle – said Allam, reached by telephone – and also participated in person in negotiations with the Mayor Brogden , Feras Jabareen , head of the Muslim community in Colle and at the time, I imagined that the latter, was moderate person , and that had nothing to do with the UCOII (Union of Islamic Communities in Italy and Organization ) . Then I found out he had been tricked because Jabareen is an integral part of UCOII . The Islamic association that has negotiated with the City of Colle and who got the money repayable by the MPS Foundation is an integral part of UCOII agreement and we talk about the fact that this right becomes part of state property UCOII same . This is a very serious because not only is it a mosque financed by an Italian bank and a municipality but also because it stems from an agreement between the City and the so-called Islamic Association of Colle with a management body in which there are representatives is the municipality that the Islamic community. So there is an identification by a government to a Mosque UCOII Italian in Italy , at the ideological level is the Muslim Brotherhood . ”
Here is mainly the concern of Allam, the connection between this UCOII and the Muslim Brotherhood , recently ousted by the military, for example in Egypt , even to have been accused of pro- fundamentalism . Allam For this , consider the so-called ” Arab Spring ” a media lie , because in countries where it occurred has brought to power Islamist formations certainly not moderated. ” The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic extremist movement – presses Magdi Allam – who also recently in Egypt, in Syria , is demonstrating its brutality , its determination to impose Islamic law .” Direct connection , then , between UCOII and the Muslim Brotherhood : “It ‘s an issue that I have faced in the past . We say that the UCOII officially not part of the Muslim Brotherhood , in fact the outstanding elements of UCOII are representatives of associations representing the Muslim Brotherhood. For example – continued Allam – Even at the last elections in Tunisia , there were a couple of young Tunisians resident in Italy who participated in the elections in Tunisia in the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood who are Ennahda in Tunisia. There is no official classification , but there is definitely an ideological endorsement that is never denied this ideological contiguity by Ucoii characters who frequent areas linked to the Muslim Brotherhood . This is the point . ”
” The City of Colle – presses Allam – has made ​​a grave mistake . It is provided in this building . ” No mosques, then ? ” They are strongly opposed to the presence of mosques in Italy. Nowadays the priority is to put a stop to the Islamic invasion , which is spreading across the Mediterranean and also in Italy and Europe is going through its own network of mosques, Islamic schools , welfare and financial institutions and , in the case of Britain, even through the Islamic courts. many We have to be strict in this . Against new mosques in Italy . once we are becoming outposts , forts inside which then creates a state within a state. ” And with religious freedom , one of the key reasons of the ” supporters ” of the project Mosque ? What do we do ? ‘ I should point out however, it is appropriate to distinguish between people and religions , including Muslims as people and Islam as a religion. recognize the equal dignity to people of all faiths. Compared to all and sundry , but it is not true that all religions are equal. Islam is not a religion that respects the fundamental rights of the person. Respect, then , for people and for religious freedom , but for Islam and mosques is another matter , we can not be Islamic Muslims’ . present fear that mosques in Islamic countries are considered places to be kept under close surveillance. When in Egypt, for example , the Army has decided to put an end to the arbitrary will of the Muslim Brotherhood , at that time in power, he had to swoop in. one of their mosques , the minaret from which the Muslim Brotherhood were firing against the army and had to make a clean sweep inside the mosque . So – concludes Allam – the mosques are not the equivalent of churches and synagogues. This we must keep this in mind . E it ‘true that Muslims are not terrorists , but it is true that all terrorists are Muslims become terrorists in the Mosques . i myself have witnessed two imam of the Mosque of Rome, expelled from Italy for their fiery sermons . These are Mosques … “

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  1. Islam teaches ‘values’ that are contrary to democratic Judeo-Christian societies.

    For example an NOP poll for Channel 4 ‘The denial of Islam requiring scrutiny, and the will to suppress free speech and criticism’ came out with these results. Even the figures that show a minority still represent a large volume of people when there are millions of Muslims in the UK.

    28% of Muslims agreed they dreamt of Britain becoming an Islamic State.
    78% wanted the Danish cartoonist prosecuted.
    68% want prosecutions for insulting Islam.
    62% disagree with the freedom of speech if it insults religious sensibilities.
    50% said British people who insult Islam should be arrested and prosecuted.
    Between 5-9% say that violence to protect Islam is acceptable.
    Whilst 10-13% found that they “understood” why young Muslims might want to become suicide bombers.

    The statistics above are hardly surprising when for example, if it is taken into account that 81% of mosques in the USA that were investigated, preached violent texts to promote the installation of Shari’a. An estimated “80% of American mosques are under Wahhabi influence, described by both scholars and US officials as a radical, violent philosophical platform used by terrorists and their supporters to justify violence against Christians, Jews and other ‘non-believers’.”

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