“Without any doubt, for six years, Australia’s door will be shut for asylum seekers.’’

Andrew Bolt

Hmm, who to believe?

Fairfax, which credits Labor for the fall the boat arrivals, or the people smugglers who blame Tony Abbott?

Who’d know? People smugglers or Fairfax reporters?


“Without any doubt, for six years, Australia’s door will be shut for asylum seekers.’’

So, why is Abbott being accused of making the beeline? Because his tough talk – known in the finance industry as ‘’jawboning’’ – has almost fully convinced the people smugglers and their customers that this time Australia means it.

Lets see if this gets any traction:

Australia: Michael Danby, MP, Backbencher, Raises Some Very Important Questions About ‘Australians’ Waging Jihad in Syria 

‘Labor MP Michael Danby calls for debate on Australians fighting in Syria conflict’.

‘A Federal Labor MP has called for more public debate about Australians (i.e. Muslims from Australia who possess Australian passports or residency papers – CM) travelling to Syria to join the civil war (that is, the Sunni jihad which intends to topple the Shiite-backed Alawites. – CM)

‘Michael Danby said up to 200 Australians (sic: he should have said, up to 200 jihad-minded Muslims  from Australia” – CM) are thought to be fighting in Syria.

‘He said his concerns were heightened when he read an article in the French newspaper, Le Monde, which noted the involvement of Australians in the conflict.

Le Monde should have said, ‘The involvement of Australian-passport-carrying Muslims’.  They’re not ‘Australians’.  They are loyal members and front-line-troops of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, the Empire of Islam (Sunni division); or they belong to the Shiite division of that same Mohammedan Mob.  – CM

“It disturbingly showed that an important European country is noticing the number of Australians (Muslims from Australia – CM) who are fighting for groups officially declared as terrorist groups by the Australian Parliament”, Mr Danby told the ABC.

“He said the report stated that “up to 200 Australians are fighting either with the al-Nusra, which is the Sunni Al-Qaeda-linked group, or with the Shiite group, Hezbollah”.

‘He is concerned they might bring their “so-called skills” back to Australia.

Indeed they will; if they are allowed to come back in through our gates.  Mr Danby – who, by the way, is Jewish, which means that he is right at the top of the Muslim people-to-hate-and-kill target list – is right to be concerned.  I share that concern. So do many other Australians, as he will discover if he is prepared to pursue this issue and keep on speaking up about it. – CM

“I think it’s unfair for all of the people who are working so diligently to prevent a terrorist attack on mainland Australia…to have people flitting backwards and forwards who are involved in learning seriously evil crafts”.

Thank you, Mr Danby, for stating the flaming obvious.  Now, having done so, please do not shut up.  Say it often, and say it loudly, and do not allow anybody to distract or deflect you. – CM

‘Mr Danby called for a public debate about Australia’s policy approach to the issue.

“Because if people are Australian citizens, they shouldn’t be involved in these kinds of activities.

Yes. Exactly.  And that is why we should be stopping Muslim immigration, period.  Got Muslims? – got Jihad. – CM

“And, frankly, in the very worst cases, when we know and can identify people, and the things they might have been involved in, we’d have to examine whether they should stay in Syria or Lebanon”.

Not put as directly as I’d have liked, but there it is: if we know that this or that Muslim person with an Australian passport or residency papers is now busy fighting with and killing other-sect Muslims – or attacking and murdering the helpless, hapless, defenceless Christians – in Syria, then there is absolutely no reason why we should permit such a person to reenter Australia – or permit him or as it might be her to continue to possess Australian citizenship or residency – and every reason why we should not. - CM



4 thoughts on ““Without any doubt, for six years, Australia’s door will be shut for asylum seekers.’’”

  1. Bit like saying South Asian when they mean Pakistan.(The idea is to tar the Indians,most of them Hindus,the Sikhs,The Buddhists)

    Also do their passport get stamped in Syria,other wise how would you prove they were there instead of say Lebanon.

    If the USA is helping one side why should the Muslims in Australia not do it to.

  2. Mr Danby needs to go one step further and suggest Australia take the same steps as Russia against muslims who commit terror attacks, Russia CONFISCATES the properties of the terrorists and their extended families, and the money goes to compensate THE VICTIMS..!! So in this case Australia should do the same, and money should be sent to the Syrian Refugees Fund..preferably the Christian and Alawite victims. The Jihadists should also be refused entry back into Australia, and their families should be deported also !! Its called collective punishment and the muslims believe in that principle..They collectively punish the kuffar in muslim lands ( called genocide)and we the West are all collectively ” the Great Satan” ..so we should apply their Sharia Law that they love so much and want to establish here, we should apply it to them..huh!

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