Meet Mohamed Elibiary, Obama’s Homeland “Security Adviser” from the Muslim Brotherhood

Remind  yourself: Obama is a Christian, he said so. (He really did.)

Obama’s Homeland “Security Adviser” Defends Use of Muslim Brotherhood-Associated Icon on His Twitter Profile

“Yup, the US DHS, charged with protecting America from the terrorists.”


Mohamed Elibiary, one of 28 members of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, insists the symbol is “bigger than” the Muslim Brotherhood and that to him it means “Freedom4All.” In hisTwitter profile, Elibiary describes himself as not only associated with Homeland Security but also as a “proud American” who “hearts” Egypt.

“Freedom” for headbangers means being free to force Islam on infidels

A website reportedly set up by Turkish Muslim activists describes the essence of the R4BIA icon as symbolizing more than the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s described as a “symbol of freedom” but also promotes the “return of Muslims to world stage.” It supports “justice for everyone against rotten Western values,” “a pure martyrdom,” “unification of Islamic World,” “the end of capitalists,” and “the end of Zionists.”–“R4BIA is a smiling martyrdom,” says the site.

One could almost get the idea that  Obama sees the MuBro’s as his extended family: