The Danes Are Too Tolerant of Muslims?

 The Danes have a choice: pay the jiziya and cling to their false beliefs, convert and  assimilate, or be eliminated. Danes must submit to the da’wa, otherwise allah’s wrath will be upon them.

In the meantime,  muselmaniacs and their enablers will  reeducate them.

Danes: We are too tolerant of Muslims 

From the Copenhagen Post/ thanks to Esmerelda Weatherwax

After numerous heated debates over whether Muslims are imposing their culture upon Denmark, poll shows most think too many concessions are made for the minority.

The public debates over banned Christmas trees, halal meat at schools and cashiers wearing headscarves appear to have made the Danish population more wary about giving their Muslim neighbours cultural concessions.

According to a new survey by market researcher TNS Gallup, carried out for Berlingske newspaper, every third non-Muslim Dane is under the impression that Denmark is too tolerant of its Muslim minority population.

(In Islamic countries there is no tolerance for minorities….)

Jens Peter Frølund Thomsen, a political science professor at Aarhus University, said that the most surprising thing about the survey was how little the Danish mentality has shifted, even though the Muslim immigrants arrived years ago.

“The demands of assimilation weigh heavily on the Danish public,” Thomsen told Berlingske. “We have a very ethnocentric culture and when people speak of integration in Denmark, they’re really talking about assimilation.”

…survey findings that showed that even 20 percent of people who vote for left-wing party Enhedslisten believe that the Danes are too tolerant of Muslims.

Swedish Archbishop prefers Allah over Jesus

Another “Chrislam” Tart!


For the first time in the church’s history the archbishop will is not only a woman, but one who can’t tell the difference between Satan and G-d. She and her husband are immigrants from Germany, who had close ties to the former Communist German Democratic Republic.–Antje Jackelén can’t choose between Jesus and Muhammed (as if there was a choice…)


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  1. Perhaps by favourably comparing mo the perv to Jesus, she’s being super clever and will try to convert many muslims.
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