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‘Next time you wonder why ‘moderate’ Muslims rarely if ever condemn the terrorism habitually committed in the name of their religion…’

And so we come back full circle to the lamentable fact that, while Islam’s commands are black and white, so easily ascertained and visible to all, the West still cannot accept reality—thanks in great part to its own endless array of liars, fools, and traitors.  (Jihad or Terrorism? by Raymond Ibrahim, h/t Cathy Shaidle)

Hamas supporter appointed minister in Norway

Vidar Helgesen was head of foundation who lobbied for an EU recognition of the Hamas. Yesterday he became minister for EU affairs in Norway. (Pamela Geller)


I hate that “extremist” BS word.

After “controversial”  the “extremist” is  the dumbest, most abused example of PC wish-wash ever:

New Extremist Foxes Welcomed into U.S. Chicken Coop 

 takes a look at two of the most sinister Islamist figures in the Obama administration.

The Bothersome, Annoying Truth 

:  What can one do when the very existence of “facts” is rejected by one’s adversaries?–Read More »

The New York Times: America Sucks

by :  Rwanda, Nazi Germany, America: what’s the difference?  Read More »


Travesty: Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Chad elected to UN Security Council

In Saudi Arabia, women are essentially possessions of men, subject to all the harshest Sharia restrictions on their movement and freedom. It is illegal to practice Christianity or Judaism or any religion other than Islam there. In Nigeria, Christians are subjected to increasingly bloody Muslim persecution that shows no signs of abating and that the government apparently cannot stop. In Chad, women are subjected to female genital mutilation and Islamic jihadists from neighboring countries find ready refuge when the heat gets too high. These three countries are perfect for the thoroughly corrupt and compromised UN.

“UN Security Council elects Nigeria, Chad, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania and Chile,” from the Associated Press, October 17:

UNITED NATIONS — Saudia [sic] Arabia and Chad easily won coveted seats on the U.N. Security Council Thursday, despite criticism from human rights groups. Nigeria, Lithuania and Chile also won seats. (JW)