The EUSSR Seeks to Legalise the Mohammedan Invasion of Europe

More crocodile tears, more promises of money looted from taxpayers and a lot of sanctimonious BS that seeks to legalise the Mohammedan invasion of Europe, from the usual suspects and their palace eunuchs in the media:

Italy to hold state funeral after shipwreck

Prime minister makes announcement during visit to Lampedusa island where more than 300 migrants are feared to have died.

Bodies recovered after Sicily boat accident

At least 34 bodies pulled out of sea after boat packed with 250 migrants sank near Italian island of Lampedusa. (al Jizz)

Italian and Maltese naval vessels have pulled 34 bodies from the Mediterranean sea where a boat packed with 250 migrants capsized off Malta near the Italian island of Lampedusa, leaving at least 50 people dead.

Officials said on Saturday they had rescued 206 people from the vessel which sank on Friday as the migrants were trying to enter Europe.

A rescue ship was dispatched to help another boat in distress, the Italian navy said.

Friday’s disaster came just over a week after at least 339 people drowned when a boat sank less than a kilometre from the tiny island between Sicily and Tunisia which has become the focal point of a growing migrant crisis in southern Europe.

The victims in Friday’s accident included women and children.

Speaking about the latest disaster, Joseph Muscat, Malta’s prime minister, said the Mediterranean was in danger of becoming a “cemetery” for migrants desperate to reach European shores.

Many migrant boats, often packed with people from North Africa looking for a better life in Europe, have capsized on the island of Lampedusa, spilling passengers into the deep waters.

Driven to shelter

Exhausted after a 10-hour journey from the wreck site, about 143 survivors arrived in Valetta on Saturday morning on board a Maltese naval vessel. They were helped onto buses to be driven to shelters.

“This morning first group of immigrants mainly from Syria arrived from Valletta, 147 in total. Situation is this: families here, accompanied minors, fathers who lost wives and children. Some might be in boat in Sicily,” Kurt Farrugia, a Maltese government spokesman, said.

“We’re in touch with Italians to see if family members are on another boat. Maltese army and police are taking care of the operation.”

“They speak very little English but some told me they were Syrian,” an emergency worker told AFP news agency.

Fifty-six more survivors were being escorted to Porto Empedocle in Sicily on an Italian naval vessel. Another nine were airlifted to Lampedusa, including a couple with a nine-month-old-baby whose three-year-old brother drowned, emergency services said.

The accidents have prompted the EU to call for sea patrols to cope with the flood of migrants knocking on its doors.

Enrico Letta, Italy’s prime minister, called the latest tragedy “a new and dramatic confirmation of the state of emergency”.

4 thoughts on “The EUSSR Seeks to Legalise the Mohammedan Invasion of Europe”

  1. Why didn’t they call the Australian Coast Guard?
    They’re expected to venture far into Indonesian waters, so why not beyond?

  2. “Urgent measures must be adopted to open humanitarian corridors. There is no time to lose,” said Francesco Rocca, the president of the Italian Red Cross….[AP].
    Throw open the gates. Genuine asylum seekers will be lost in the throng of economic migrants claiming to be from war zones. The volume will preclude any proper border checks. A few years ago lots of Albanians entered the EU by claiming to be from Kosovo rather than Albania.

  3. Does anyone know, yet how the boat sank?

    One of the tricks Turks like to favour is bringing the boats into Greek water, the captains deliberately puts a hole in the boat and then puts out a distress call to the Greeks to come rescue the economic migrants. The Captain leaves the economic migrants whilst he scuppers back to Turkey.

    Has the Captain and the owner of the boat been identified? What are the owners going to claim? A rogue Captain nicked the boat and claim insurance?

    Let’s see if they file a lawsuit against the Italians for not rescuing them fast enough and causing the death of their children and spouse.

    Agree Tom Billesley. Lots of bogus asylum seekers.

  4. Italy is finished. Committed suicide long ago,now with leftist pro islamists , a black minister and the Vatican’s new boss…THE END IS NEAR

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