Bearded kidz, fairytales for little hijabis and twerkers for the unwashed masses…..

Bearded Muslim pupil at Accrington school allowed to return

One of two teenage boys taken out of a school after refusing to shave off their beards is allowed to return to school on Monday.

The 14-year-old Muslim pupils at Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School in Accrington said it was part of their faith to keep their facial hair.

Governors said one boy could return after talks with Muslim leaders, but the policy has not changed.

The case of the second boy is unresolved.–Continue reading the main story

(Islamic) fairytales for impressionable little hijabis 

I know how influential princess culture can be and how important it is to have Muslim representation and alternatives in children and young adult literature. And as the author shared with me through private correspondence:

“I am acutely aware that our children live in a world where there is a hegemony of secularism and a breeding of Islamophobia. Islam is an emancipatory way of life, if we can demonstrate that through stories, I think it’s a good thing.”

Manifesto Of The Twerkers World Party: Twerkers, Unite!

Twerkers Unite - Twerking Manifesto funny parody
Liberating the masses from capitalist oppression has just become easier with an addition of a new revolutionary group of people who sound like they’re workers, except they’re not. Meet the twerkers!The working class can no longer be trusted to carry out the revolution, as it has grown too comfortable enjoying the fruits of capitalism. Instead, a new coalition of the disgruntled was created – based on sexual and color preference, immigration visa status, government benefits, union wages, and the degree of  peacefulness of their religion. Unfortunately for the revolution, these groups have different interests and always end up pulling the blanket of collective struggle towards themselves.

Twerkers are different. They bring everyone’s interest down to the lowest common denominator, which is shared by all regardless of language, religion or color, as they shake down the chains of bourgeois conventions with the gyrating thrust of lower fleshy extremities.–MORE >>