The Ongoing Jihad Against India

The Renewed Tide of Jihad against India – Part 3

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A Wastepaper Basket and the Traitors Within

There’s a history of Muslim appeasement till 2004 and there’s the history of Muslim appeasement between 2004 and the present. The latter period has sown all the seeds of an impending implosion—if not civil war—of India if things continue to remain as they are currently. Pakistan’s singleminded pursuit of Zia ul Haq’s strategy has indeed yielded a rich harvest. Of course, this is not to mention the Indian state’s steady, all-round weakening—the NDA’s rule was a minor exception—which has only eased Pakistan’s ventures. One of the greatest successes happens to be the continuing radicalization of a dangerous number of India’s Muslims, a number that increases with each day. Of course, Saudi Arabia’s effort in this direction is also a major contributor.


Note On The Picture Above: At the Battle of Chamkaur Sahib, 40 Sikhs fought  the army of  the Emperor Aurangzeb said to number about 100,000 soldiers. Aurangzeb was a notorious fanatic  who carried on a lifelong policy of forced conversions. The picture shows Sahibzadah Ajit Singh, aged 17 years,  engaging the enemy.  In this battle, Sahibzadah  Fateh Singh aged 14 also laid down his life in battle. This battle ranks as the absolute apex of  Sikh heroism.

Prologue:  Sufi Ahmad Sirhindi (1564-1624), wrote several letters to the courtiers of Akbar and Jehangir protesting their “liberal policies towards Hindus”

Here is an excerpt from letter No. 163: “…The honour of Islam lies in insulting kufr and kafirs. One who respects the kafirs dishonours the Muslims… The real purpose of levying jiziya (editor’s note: religious head tax) on them is to humiliate them to such an extent that they may not be able to dress well and to live in grandeur. They should constantly remain terrified and trembling. It is intended to hold them under contempt and to uphold the honour and might of Islam…” (Sikh Archives)

But what is even more worrying is the enemies and traitors within: the large tribe of human filth in the form of secularists of various hues in politics, academia and (chiefly) the English media who justify the actions of terrorists and radicalized Muslims. I’ve said this several times and I’ll say it again—this tribe of human filth not only enables terror attacks but fuels more.

Writing on the dangerous trend of illegal immigration of Bangladeshi Muslims into India, Arun Shourie observed in 1989 that India was not a country but a wastepaper basket. Did we do something about it back then? Indeed, our approach in dealing with illegal immigration is pretty much akin to our approach towards managing urban and rural garbage—we let it overflow in the hope that it’ll simply go away or somebody will come along and clean it up. In the process, a few kids and/or adults fall in and/or die due to all sorts of infectious diseases. And as we see, almost 25 years later, we notice that we simply cannot give even a near-accurate estimate of the number of illegal immigrants. Worse, we keep taking in newer and newer and greater and greater number of immigrants—5000 Rohingya Muslims? No problem! Welcome, the whole country is yours. And the Assam communal clashes last year just proved—once again—what “poor” Bangladeshi Muslims who illegally immigrate can do on the Indian soil and get away with it.

There’s a reason I mentioned Bangladesh. Bangladesh has emerged as both a conduit and an incubator of Islamic terrorism. It was to Bangladesh that the dreaded Yasin Bhatkal—a radicalized Indian Muslim terrorist—fled and from there to Pakistan. Let’s also not forget that Abu Jundal, one of the key terrorists who was deeply involved in plotting the 26/11 attacks lived for sometime in Bangladesh.

These two are truly the five-star achievements of Pakistan’s—and Saudi Arabia’s—unrelenting effort at radicalizing Muslim youth in India. It would also be interesting to study the role of the Imams and Mullahs in radicalizing our Muslim youth. The findings would be alarming but not surprising. These two hardcore terrorists are apart from the Indian Mujahideen (IM) who, like Jundal and Bhatkal, are all our own people hired by our enemy nation to wage war against their motherland.

Signs and Facets of Pan-Indian Islamization

And the signs of rapid Islamization are now visible in both urban, semi-urban and rural centres almost across India. These signs vary in degree and impact as we shall see. It goes without saying that the ultimate goal of this Islamization is the assimilation of India into the Ummah. 

Bangalore for example is an example of what I call creeping Islamization. There’s a marked increase in the number of mosques in the city. Even as new mosques are being built, existing ones are being renovated. Gigantic hoardings proclaiming “Do you want to Know about Islam?” “Koran the Book for Mankind” are all over the city. The rear of auto rickshaws proudly sport slogans like “Namaz ki aadat daalo,” “Islam the only True Faith,” and so on. Localities which were nearly 100% Hindu are now witnessing a slow but sure demographic change—Jayanagar 3rd  Block for instance. The situation in the city resembles what Rajeev Srinivasan observed in Kerala ten years ago:

I have observed over the years the changes in Islam in Kerala. When I was a child, the Muslims I knew were relatively non-observant; the men sported no beards or skullcaps, the women wore saris and they merely drew the pallu demurely over their heads. Today, in Malabar there are large numbers of bearded men with skullcaps and women in all-enveloping black burqas. Astonishingly, even in southern Kerala, I have seen billboards advertising ‘burqa fashions.’

I have also watched the growth of mosques in Kerala. In one stretch of the national highway between Kollam and Trivandrum, there are five huge mosques within the space of just one mile, and all but one have come up in the recent past, maybe ten years. You see scores of young boys with skullcaps and scores of little girls with headscarves going to the local madrassa, I imagine.

Of course, the situation in Bangalore isn’t nowhere near what it is in Kerala but it will eventually get there. Consider the fact that just last week, I was privy to a goods-carrier auto rickshaw driver who was relaxing listening to a sermon on his mobile phone. The preacher was extolling the greatness of Islam and what it meant to be a Muslim. Less than five minutes into that speech and I came away horrified. There was nothing noble or religious about the sermon—it was a sermon preaching hate and disloyalty to your country. Also consider the fact that Bangalore is a city which had never witnessed any terror attack until about five or six years ago—the shooting of the IISc professor, the bomb blast at Chinnaswamy stadium, the targetting of two prominent journalists, and the blasts outside the BJP office.

And it’s best we don’t talk about Hyderabad. Thanks to Y.S. Rajashekhara Reddy’s brand of politics, a nonentity called Asaduddin Owaisi today goes on a rampage at will. Besides, Hyderabad has always been known as a hotbed of Islamism.

But Tamil Nadu has given us the rudest shock yet. Violent Islamists continue to run amok and Jayalalithaa’s government seems either too weak to crush them, or has turned a blind eye owing to—what else?—vote bank politics. Consider the fact that threeprominent Hindu leaders were murdered in a month by Jihad-indoctrinated Muslims. Of them, Ramesh was the Tamil Nadu BJP general secretary. And what did the state government do? Nothing, if you ask me. And this, in a state which has pretty much remained free from such violent expression of Islamic piety. Indeed, the stray incidents of violence over Kamal Hassan’s rottenVishwaroopam must have served as portents of the radicalization that had already taken place in the state. Of course, the murders of these Hindu leaders will neither be the first nor the last. Yet another facet of this radicalization is available in V. Kalathur in Perambalur district.

 the president of the Jamaat of V.Kalathur demanded that the Muslims be given protection…He pointed out that four streets in the village had a predominantly Muslim population and hence all that they wanted was that the Hindu processions avoid these streets…Ramaswamy, speaking on behalf of the Hindus at V.Kalathur, lamented that “Hindus have become minorities at V.Kalathur and our fundamental rights are trampled upon when we are not allowed to take our processions through the routes through which we have been traditionally taking our processions. But for the protection offered by the district administration, we will find it difficult to live in the village and I am in half a mind to get myself converted.”

Of course, the Muslims’ “complaint” against Hindus taking out their religious processions is nothing new—it is age-old and is a pan-India phenomenon and has often been the cause of major and minor riots. But what is noteworthy about Kalathur is the “reasoning” given by the president of the Jamaat. Speaking of religious processions, Uttar Pradesh tops the charts. Most recently, the Meerut riots. Unless the Hindus of UP are really blind and dumb, they need to realize the fact that Akhilesh Yadav runs an Islamic government, and is treating Hindus exactly like how Islam recommends Kaffirs to be treated.

And oh! we can’t rule out Maharashtra. The kind of Islamization that has occurred in the Ratnagiri belt is both shocking and alarming. Aurangabad is even worse. It’s not for any small reason that the IB has put this district on its radar. It appears as if there’s a direct link between Aurangabad and Pakistan. That apart, how many have heard about the Dhule riots that happened not once but twice in a span of two years.

But perhaps West Bengal is the worst hit. Mamata Banerjee’s government seems to have replaced Indian laws with the Shariah. From appointing taxpayer-funded Imams to granting a carte blanche for Islamists to run riot, her government has turned many parts of the state into a savage, everyday hell for Hindus. Bengali Hindus are fighting for survival in a state that belongs to a country which the Muslims call “Hindustan.” For even a small sample of the exact nature of the beast Bengali Hindus are confronted with, head over to the Hindu Samhati website. If you’re not moved by what you see and read there, you’re not human. The organization is led by the immensely courageous Tapan Ghosh who’s fighting it out singlehandedly, and the nature of his battle is quite terrible. Apart from fighting the homicidal Islamic maniacs, he also needs to fight the entire government machinery, which is rallied against him. But the point remains the same—what is happening in West Bengal will likely happen in other parts of the nation eventually. And the politics of West Bengal is not too different from the politics of the rest of India where Muslims are concerned.

If this is one facet of Islamization, there are several others. There’s the silent side: this is what I called “creeping Islamization”earlier. There’s a noticeable spurt in the purchase of real estate—both land and buildings—by mostly wealthy Muslims. Huge tracts of land have been bought by wealthy Muslims for example, in the Western Ghats in Karnataka, and as we see, the demographics of the place is steadily changing. This practice is almost an imitation of how Gulf money helped Muslims take over vast areas of land in Kerala. Muslim ghettos have emerged in sleepy towns like Sakleshpur. And I’m sure this phenomenon more or less is the same across India. And I have already documented what happens once the demographics change in the favour of Muslims. Besides, it’s nothing new. It’s a worldwide phenomenon which has left most of Europe quivering in its boots in fear and helplessness.

Then there’s this new side: the Love Jihad side, which was absent—or at least undetected—till 2008 or 2009. What this means is simply this: Islamist attacks are sparing no area of human endeavour as far as Kaffirs concerned. They’ve mounted a multi-pronged attack and have had huge successes in several cases. And when people—like me for instance—point out the reality, they’re dismissed as conspiracy mongers or labelled as communal. Either way, it is the Jihad-mongers that are winning.

There’s yet another side: Islamic banking. The introduction of Islamic Banking is a move that will pretty much obliterate whatever is left of the economy. (Andrew McCarthy terms Islamic Banking as financial jihad, a pretty accurate characterization.)

Jihad-appeasing Government

And we have a government that has abandoned Muslim appeasement as its mantra—instead, it is slowly moving towards a state of being complicit in fanning the worst tendencies of Islamic bigots. We have nation-wreckers like Sushil Kumar Shinde who actually make the case for Pakistani terrorists like Hafeez Saeed who waged war against India. And they make the case for Hafeez Saeed much better than he can do it himself. Naturally, Digvijay Singh can’t allow himself to be outcrassed by Shinde, and so he addresses the terrorist as Hafeez Saeed saab. His visit to the house of the slain terrorist at Batla House must mark as one of the lowest points in our political history.

We also have a braindead A K Antony who again, makes the case for the Pakistani army. This is the same nitwit who admitted in Parliament—a week before the first LOC attack that killed five of our soldiers—that infilitration in J&K had increased by eighty per cent compared to last year. Even worse, when the Pakistan envoy himself admitted—for the first time—that Dawood Ibrahim was indeed in Karachi, what did our Government do instead of raising a huge stink internationally at the very least? Nothing.

But of course, we have the standard template to follow in the aftermath of every single terror attack; the same sickening, predictable pattern:

  • Verbal outrage
  • Call for dialogue
  • Offers for peace process
  • Relaxed Visa regime
  • Cricket matches
  • Aman ki Asha


Actually it doesn’t really matter to this government one way or the other. After all, it’s not our political leaders who’re getting slaughtered like goats by the jihadists.  A friend’s remark on this government’s attitude and goals pretty much sums up why the renewed tide of Jihad against India might actually succeed.  His remark? The Congress party will be perfectly okay even if Pakistan occupies the Delhi throne but it’s doing everything in its power to stop Narendra Modi from coming to Delhi.

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  1. Kashmir: 3,000 Muslims rally for jihad against India — “The only way to liberate Kashmir is jihad and armed struggle”

    The group behind the Mumbai jihad attacks was there. Why didn’t all the rest of the ralliers condemn them? Why were they instead content to stand with them? Why do Western authorities never, ever consider such questions, and the implications of rallies like this one? Why have we never, ever seen, 3,000 Muslims rallying against the jihad terrorism they ostensibly condemn, instead of — as here — calling for yet more jihad?

    “Thousands rally in Pakistani Kashmir against India,” from AFP, October 27:

    Muzaffarabad — Thousands of Kashmiri people observed a “black day” in Pakistani Kashmir on Sunday, rallying at an event organised by Islamists against Indian “brutalities” and occupation of the Himalayan region.

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