Where’s Binnie?

WTF happened here?

Pentagon Orders Purge of Osama Bin Laden’s Death Files from Data Bank


Who was killed? Was it Osama bin Laden or someone else?   The files are no longer at the Pentagon, they have been sent to the CIA, in violation of the Freedom of Information Act.


Sunni-shiite conflict nothing to do with Islam:


Iraq: Sunni jihadists explode 10 car bombs in Shi’ite districts, murdering at least 37 people

Iran’s Cultural Attaché Mohammad Hossein Mozaffari said in the media and even in some scientific forums the idea is spread that there is a religious war going on between Shia and Sunni Muslims: These clashes are not religious they are just rooted in extremist ideologies, or something….


 Obama backed Jihadists Posting The Names Of All Christians ‘Supposed To Be Killed’ Online…

Pamela Geller:

Obama’s jihad in Syria. Instead of backing Christians and religious minorities, he supports the ongoing genocide in Syria. The facts validating everything I (and a few brave colleagues) have been warning of for well over a year (the genocide of Christians and Alawites).


Islamic religion has no connection at all with terrorism, it’s a religion of peace and love

“Islamic religion has no connection at all with terrorism, but it’s a religion of peace and love; some people who make some unfortunate statements such as Muslims are Al-Shabab or Al-Qaeda as we hear even in our villages target to discredit Islamic religion,” he said. … More calls on the Kuffar to stop blaming islam for … what muslims do … at New Vision  (Mullah/pbuh)

Did Qatar Bribe Time Warner into Carrying Al Jazeera?

f1e76_c9396_130104051717-qatar-emir-story-top-450x253Current TV, a failed Gorean alternative to MSNBC, was only carried by cable providers like Time Warner because of Al Gore’s political influence.

Obama People


Meanwhile, U.S. news hounds tell us what really matters:

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

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