‘They Promised Me Paradise, So I Gave Myself to 152 Men’…

Todays offerings from the Religion of Peace:

Promises, promises:


In total, she had 152 “husbands”:  (No, it wasn’t Mona Eltahowitzer, but she fits the profile….)

There are thousands like him:

Imagine if Norwegians raped Muslim children:

Palli Media Watch:

PA Celebrates Murderer Of French Tourist, A Day Before The French Government Gives PA 24 Million Euroes 

Read about the farce, the travesty, the atrocity,  here.
Could Kenya Shopping Mall Attack Happen in Londonistan?
Dumb question, I know:
Happy Interfaithing!

Halal’ interfaith unions rise among UK women

Some religious leaders are coming to terms with rising numbers of Muslim-Christian couples in the UK.

Needless to mention that it is yet another racket that benefits the soldiers of allah alone:

Muslim women are forbidden to marry a non-Muslim unless her partner converts to Islam, say purists. Some men nominally convert to Islam in order to appease their partner’s family.

UK Mustards: “by the grace of God, we can get married four times.”

When the undercover reporter, posing as the brother of the girl to be married, says, “She’s not willing now, but she will be,” Misbahi responds: “If you make her willing, she will be willing.” He is then filmed saying that he would perform the marriage without providing an official marriage certificate valid under British law. “We’ll make everything okay by Islam.