Tommy Robinson and the unbearable arrogance of the British elites


it has come to this:

The  high nosed snobbery of the learned and moneyed British upper classes finds muselmanic savages more acceptable than English working class lads like Tommy Robinson and the lads from the EDL

Tommy Robinson: Double standards, not fear of diversity, provoked the EDL

thanks to Esmerelda Weatherwax

Douglas Murray in the Spectator. As with many of these articles the comments are the most telling. People really are awake now. That awareness needs to move on into practical action. Tackle politicians, local and national. Vote. Speak up. Things that all of us, even the physically weakest, can do.

The first time I met Tommy Robinson I told him to fuck off. (How very erudite.) The English Defence League (EDL) had just formed and Robinson came up to me after a public interview I was doing in London. Without knowing anything much about them, I am afraid I assumed (white, working-class, Cross of St George at demos) that the EDL were a British National Party front. Which was why I ended up advising him of the procreative way in which to travel. He took it very politely, said he understood that I didn’t know their views and then said, ‘We’re not racists — we’re just working-class guys who are losing our country and can’t bear it.’


Last week, four-and-a-half-years on, we met again. Several days earlier Robinson had announced he was leaving the movement he had formed, saying — to some guffawing — that he was no longer able to control the genuine far-right elements who sought to hijack his movement. He was aided by the Quilliam Foundation, an anti-extremism think tank, and it was a close Muslim friend of mine who had been guiding Robinson through some of this who called me up to ask if I would hear Robinson out. I agreed.

So was the organisation far-right? ‘It’s not a far-right organisation. We’ve been battling from the inside of this movement for four and a half years to be all-inclusive. To not be far-right at all.’ They have had problems. . . But Robinson says that the politicians and press did not help. He claims that by calling the EDL ‘far-right’, politicians and the media have actually sent such elements their way. ‘It’s like they want it to be a far-right bunch of lunatics, instead of a bunch of ordinary normal people.’ Why would they want that? ‘So they don’t have to have the debate. So the issues that we’re raising don’t have to be spoken about.’

Other problems, including the opposition which formed against them, were not (Robinson’s fault). Supporters of Unite Against Fascism often got involved in serious violence when they turned up to ‘oppose’ the EDL. But UAF receive significant political support, whereas from the beginning the EDL were pariahs whom no one in power could dream of supporting. Robinson and his friends see some of this as a class issue and perhaps they are right in part. Not in part right, completely right – I havebeen saying this since the very beginning.

Then there are the ‘constant, constant death threats’. When somebody posted his mother’s address online and promised to ‘chop up’ Robinson’s kids he finally went to the police. He says they told him they could do nothing about it. He began retweeting Twitter threats, but says he was told by police that if he continued doing so he could face arrest himself. He has been repeatedly attacked. The police gave him an Osman notice today. This says that there have been threats aginst him, by people the identity of whom the Police cannot/will not divulge. It continues that the police cannot protect him on a day by day basis but that he must not take action to defend himself which they consider unlawful or he will face arrest. However he must take ‘remedial action’ to protect himself. Maybe move out of Luton. Among the other measures he is permitted to take they suggest good locks and bolts on his outer doors and fitting a burglar alarm. Al Shabaab have named him as a target and Bedfordshire police recommend a door chain!!

Most of us will breathe a sigh of relief if the EDL’s brawling protests now cease. But even if it does go away, our authorities would be very unwise to keep ignoring the issues that gave rise to this reactive -movement. But the EDL isn’t going away. And it will be very unwise to continue to ignore the groundswell of opinion. There are comments below.

As we say goodbye, I cannot help reflecting that our society would never have heard of Tommy Robinson if it had dealt with Islamic extremists with anything like the severity it has meted out to him.

♦ Anybody who doesn’t see that Islam (not militant Islam) is the main problem is just as much of the problem as it is. The prophet Muhammad was a warlord and he instructed Muslims to fight against everybody else until Islam reins supreme, that’s the bottom line.

♦ Hopefully the level of blame that can be attributed to the media for blatantly lying, attacking and ruining anyone they deemed guilty of daring to not get obliterated into obscurity by their post University social experiments within the UK, will one day be made public.

“But UAF receive significant political support, whereas from the beginning the EDL were pariahs whom no one in power could dream of supporting. Robinson and his friends see some of this as a class issue and perhaps they are right in part.”

We had no-one. After the riots of 2001, the media and system smash into the victims of these riots, then took more and more. As this was happening you lot Douglas, attacked venomously the people who desperately had only one thing left- to vote for anyone that could bring themselves to say that they would help.

And you (and i expect all of your media colleagues), in your own words just turned around and told people like this to ‘F*ck Off’.

So 13 years later, after the riots, the attacks, the Grooming Gangs, the bombs, the be-headings, the no-go areas- the working class that’s been (that word again) basically obliterated finally gets an article like the one above.

And that’s only down to the sacrifice and outright courage of Tommy Robinson putting his life on the line for the last 5 years.

Great situation. Thanks everyone.

♦There is a strong degree of class prejudice against Mr Robinson. A far braver and more intelligent man than generally acknowledged.He speaks out against islamism and in favour of free speech and freedom of assembly – yet people just assume he must be a far-right thug.

The way he has been treated is a travesty. He has merely spoken up for the values of liberal democracy and secularism, yet the police have been able to traduce him. Precious few people have spoken up for him – and I say that is because the politically correct are leaping to simplistic conclusions because he is working class.They believe the working class are incapable of intelligance and insight.

An observation: my wife works for a council in the North West. The EDL were holding a demonstration in Blackburn. The council issued a warning to its staff that any staff seen at the event would face disciplinary action. What makes the council’s senior officers and politicians think they can deny people their civil rights in that way? My wife and I wanted to protest against the council’s threat but were too afraid. There is something very wrong here.

♦”The first time I met Tommy Robinson I told him to fuck off”
So initial media aim to falsely label a working class street protest movement as racist worked.
Snobbery leak there Murray.

♦The way Tommy and EDL has been treated by the press, police and politics, says everything about the total corruptness of the ‘politic correct’ mindset that is ruling these entities.


4 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson and the unbearable arrogance of the British elites”

  1. “Without knowing anything about him, I judged him a racist and proudly told him to fuck off!”

    Sounds like a rare moment of honesty in a sea of liberal bigotry.

    Q: Are critical thinking logical fallacies only mistakes, or are they crimes?
    A: They are initially only mistakes, but only if and when admitted to, with the exception of the most common one, the ad-hominem personal attack, which is prejudicial fraud, hateful slander, and of course, bigotry.

  2. There may be only one way to deal with islamic behavior – exterminate it -there seems to be no other ground that can be taken if you wish to protect future generations. A slight glimmer of a peaceful resolution appeared when one considers the response of the Egyptian people to the muslim brotherhood thugs, but this glimmer disappears when one deliberates over the support that these islamic terrorists (who do not represent the Egyptian people) have received from western left wing political interests. I have always wondered about which part of the statement “no thank you – we are not interested” both islamists and socialists are unable to comprehend. I wonder just how many of the left wing dolts in the UK will ever realize just how much Mr, Robinson gave for his country – the man is an man whose example you can follow with pride -and to the dolts who think that he was the problem there is only one answer -go .. find your brain … and try to think!

  3. don’t know if the people in power are aware of the threat or not (hopefully they do) but I DO know they want to be in Complete control. & edl & others were allowed to run to the end of their leash & now being snapped back & “turned”. We believe there is Wisdom in a Multitude of councelers! (G-d said that, not me).not a small,powerful, socialist, G-dless elite. doesn’t look good

  4. @kaw,
    The Left may sneer at the EDL and Robinson, but they soon change their tune when confronted by the reality next door when Muslims move in.

    IMHO, the Left wake up when the Muslims move in next store, suddenly the Left become rabid NIMBYs.

    I witnessed this first hand in my London neighbourhood, when Muslims moved in and lied about the planning position for the building’s commercial use and events escalated very quickly. It was my Guardian reading, uber-liberal neighbours who became the most rabid against the Muslims during neighbourhood meetings on how to deal with the council and the Muslims who had literally blocked our streets preventing us getting to our homes.

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