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Guardian wanker  Matthew Goodwin, who makes a career out of combating the “far Right”:

Tommy Robinson’s EDL resignation was disingenuous nonsense

Lennon plans to establish a new anti-Islamist movement, which we assume will adhere to his slapdash generalisations of sharia law and misinterpretations of the Qur’an.

So Matthew Goodwin,  a queasy little milquetoast who scribbles for the Grunard is  now a learned scholar of Islam?

Unfortunately the highly overrated Daniel Hannan also doesn’t get it.

The following is mindless drivel and unworthy of a guy who has had remarkable success as an intellectual and a conservative.

The two sets of extremists prop each other up, like exhausted boxers after ten rounds. Each falsely portrays the other as typical of a wider population. Hate-preachers slide easily from “the EDL” to “the English”; Islamophobes fall just as easily into talking of the Salafist nutters as “the Muslims”. Each wing is helped by the other’s iconography. The EDL waves St George’s crosses and talks patriotic language. Islamist extremists favour the most distinctive dress and symbolism they can think of. (More)

The EDL are British patriots who are trying to protect the homeland from radical Islamic colonisers. The EDL doesn’t  claim to have a religious mandate to conquer the world for their belief-system and they don’t have a holy book that tells them to enslave Muslims or anyone else. They are not commanded to kill and die for their god, whereas Muslims have a 1400 year history of killing and dying for allah, and will continue to do just that until we stop them.  There is a million things that makes the cause of the EDL a nobel and a righteous one. If Daniel Hannan cannot see the difference between the two groups which he so desperately wants to throw in the same bin he is an intellectual degenerate of the worst kind.


Esmeralda has a report and some pictures from Bradford

The EDL demonstrated in Bradford this afternoon, their first demo since Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll left on Tuesday. The EDL is now being run by a committee of Regional Organisers under a chairman.

bradford 3

I wasn’t there but I am told that it went peacefully for the EDL’s part. According to the local paper the Bradford Telegraph and Argus;

The counter-protest, organised by We Are Bradford, mainly made up of Unite Against Fascism members, started ahead of the EDL protest with a loud PA system booming out across the sparsely attended rally.

At its peak there were barely 200 in the audience listening to speakers including Bradford West MP, George Galloway.

The Telegraph and Argus thought that there were about 600 EDL members and that speeches ending after one hour meant a lack of interest. In fact EDL speakers are usually very concise; in situations like at Tower Hamlets where only half an hour was permitted by the police for three speakers andsetting up the PA, longwinded speakers are not an asset.

Members who were present tell me that the police gave a figure of 750 attending. The New Daily Patriot who was there thinks there were nearer 1200. Coaches and minibuses were stopped on the motorways approaching Bradford but I do not know if any, and if so how many, were turned away. Divisions came from all over the country including Scotland. The Gay Division was well represented. The demo was heavily policed and everybody was given a Section 14 order limiting them to a 200 yard area of the city.

I understand that after the demo members of the UAF, presumably bored and cold after listening to George Galloway at greater length than human flesh and blood can bear, threw missiles at EDL cars as they departed. There were no arrests.

A lady I respect summed up the day thus:

Home tired but happy, today in Bradford in the rain and cold we stood together as one, we have unity within the EDL, whatever has happened, today proved that and well done all the footsoldiers and speakers.


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  1. Why should the likes of the EDL have to explain themselves to these multi-cultural fascists, if England listened to the people and stopped this immigration in the first place there would be no culture clash.
    These multi-cultural fascists create the problems then blame others for the results.

  2. Ahh, but James Boom, Don’t you get it?

    The multi-kulti’s are morally superior to us because they have white man’s guilt to rule their consciousnesses and to smugly condescend to the Other through their acceptance of nonwhites and their respect for the individual’s cultural right to exist in a foreign environment without requiring them to cruelly integrate with their new hosts.

    Basking in their own moral superiority, the multi-kulti’s can insist they are the “good guys” whilst anyone who disagrees is clearly the “bad guys.” As they live safely, far away from the diverse utopia that they insisted upon in their genteel suburbs or wealthy enclaves in the metropolitan areas across the UK.

    Just ask Paige Chivers, 15 and Charlene Downes, 14 how wonderful multiculturalism is? Oh, wait. You can’t because they were both murdered on the alter of multiculuralism. Not to worry. Nobody will miss a few sacrifices from the lower orders. Both social services and the police did nothing when the mulitculturally diverse pimps were prostituting little girls (60 is believed to be the number of little British girls pimped from the ages of 11 and up) from their kebab shop. And how many other “business” did the defenders of the Kingdom turn a blind eye to?

    Besides, it unlikely they’ll turn up anytime soon to tell us how wonderful multiculturalism is from a first hand perspective as the owner, Iyad Albattikhi, “joked that she (Charlene Downes) had been “chopped up” and put into kebabs.” And it is believed Paige Chivers suffered the same fate, as she was linked to the same take away.

    Aren’t we all just soo lucky? Not.

  3. I never take a ”official” report seriously as there aim is to demonise anyone or thing which is against the NWO.I believe this demo is 2 fingers up to the traitors who think because of 2 defections would disspirit the nationalist cause,i agree with comments on the the New Patriot article that now there is need for more secrecy in the leadership as we see that the hierarchy want to eradicate nationalism but protect our enemies(which i’ve witnessed at the 2 demo’s i’ve attended) which serve the Unite.Against.Freedom etc scum.

  4. In short, political correctness and multiculturalism are simply two aspects of the same mental illness dragging us into an age much darker than the previous Dark Ages. When the EDL is seen as evil, when our protectors from the onslaught of murderous insanity are seen as evil, it is time for us and the dormant warriors within us, to rise again and reestablish sanity. We must, we simply must.

  5. @Pray Hard,

    Eventually, what choice but to fight back, will we have?

    Furthermore, as the powers that be refuse to acknowledge there is even a problem, yeah because we all know the death of Lee Rigsby is such a natural and normal occurrence within British society. Not to mention, they seem unwilling to protect us.

    The British government are forgetting the oldest instinct to man. Fight or flight. SMH.

    @For St.George,

    It is convenient for the ruling elites to see instinctive self preservation as nationalism. But, I would wager a hefty sum at William Hill that the hoi polloi in the EDL will be the first sent out on the line of defense, by the elite when they wake up and suddenly have a desperate need to act out of self preservation.

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