Who is Responsible For Saving African Muslim Welfare Seekers?

“White Man’s Burden”

“Border Protection” Means Aiding and Abetting the Muselmanic Invasion

….and to make sure the poor buggers don’t drown:

In the wake of last week’s tragedy on Lampedusa, the EU is planning a system that uses drones and satellites to track refugees at sea. But it doesn’t offer ways to save people like those killed in the deadly incident, whines Der Spiegel

European Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström of Sweden said the new system would protect refugees from death because it would more quickly track immigrants making the dangerous journey in boats that aren’t sea-worthy.

“Europe urgently needs these migrants to take care of aged Europeans, who have neglected to produce enough children to do the job…”

Some 93 immigrants are seen crammed onto a rubber dinghy filmed from a Guardia di Finanza police helicopter near the southern coast of the Sicilian island Lampedusa

Migrant-Spotting: EU Plans Big Brother System in Mediterranean  (On a tip from BCF)

Mosquing “Al Andalus

Police in Spain have forcibly removed Muslim activists from an illegal mosque in a small town in Catalonia, an autonomous region in northeastern Spain that is home to the largest Muslim population in the country.–Spain’s Escalating Mosque Wars

Qatari Mega Mosque Transforming Denmark

From Britain to Greece, and Spain to Slovenia, Muslim immigration and the accompanying rise of Islam are transforming the European way of life in ways unimaginable only a few years ago.– “Islamophobia Dictionaries,” New Mega-Mosques and Other Recent Events

More French Than Islamic in Brignoles:

Antoine suggests: “…politicians are putting the needs of certain populations ahead of others,” and:   “Let’s stop beating around the bush,”  “Us real Brignoles people no longer recognise our home-town.”–A communist French city flirts with the far right

Slick Willie Making Hay

If you thought for one moment that the despicable Klintoons are not complete and utter sellouts you must be living under a rock:   Clinton Foundation Received Millions from Saudis, Qatar, Iran

In addition, a senior Muslim Brotherhood operative recently arrested in Egypt worked for years at the Clinton Foundation.


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