Around Australia

G-Lard blames Jews for not having a strong enough Jewish lobby:

Will Abbott ask Bob Carr  to return the $20 million he handed to Morsi & the MuBro’s in Egypt?

“Australia was an early and strong supporter of Egypt’s democratic transition. And we’re supporting that transition with more than $20 million….”


Operation Sovereign Borders showing success already

Something is working, even if more yet needs to be done.

The ABC’s chairman sleaziest slimebag doesn’t need an appointment, he needs to get the shoe:

“Why is the ABC so Left?” The short answer is because it can be. The long answer is because it’s a magnet for those wishing to freely espouse Leftist ideology without fear for ratings or bothersome advertisers.

All shrivelled up with no place to go:

Christine Milne is not smiling lately and the reason is not to limit those wrinkles, but looming irrelevance. A deterioration from dictating government policy to ‘why don’t you want me as leader and why is no-one listening’ in one Saturday election is a devastating decline in distinction.

Meanwhile, our ‘moderate’ Muslims are piously working to make allah’s plan come true: