America needs to get rid of these infil-traitors!


Not because he’s black: its because he lies!


Black skin privilege got this putz in the white house:


No oxygen for turds, black or white!

Bill Maher  telling Bostonians to chillax: “your city was not leveled by Godzilla.”

“Islamic Civilisation”


“The Revivial of the Islamic Civilization  is the Key…” (Scaramouche)

Further to the idea of reviving the Islamic civilization, Zaid Shakir has said that once it’s a go,  dhimmi laws will definitely apply.

The “Revival” of the “Islamic Civilization” is in Full (Jihad) Swing:

The Orient Express from Mecca to the Vatican

The Muslims, one resident said, “burnt and destroyed everything. Their goal was to erase all the traces of a Christian presence; even the orphanages were looted and destroyed.”

Muselmaniac on U.S. TV:

MSNBC Host Suggests Someone Should Sh*t in Palin’s Mouth and Pi$$ in Her Eyes (GWP)

Posted by Jim Hoft

Unhinged  MSNBC host Martin Bashir (a Paki Koranimal under the false flag of “Martin”)  suggested someone should sh*t in Sarah Palin’s mouth and pi$$ in her eyes. MSNBC must be so proud.

NewsBusters has the transcript

How can anyone NOT like Holder’s treason and deceit?

Holder allowed guns to be trafficked that ended up killing a lot of people.

If you have a problem with that, you must be ‘racist!’

MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor asserted that Republicans who are pushing Attorney General Eric Holder’s impeachment are a “Bozo caucus” who are “fanning the flames of hatred and bigotry.”

5 thoughts on “America needs to get rid of these infil-traitors!”

  1. Interesting that Oprah made her comments to the BBC and not to an American journalist. And not to mention Oprah is forgetting a few things, that it was Whitey who gave her a chance at her career opportunities and it was millions of White woman who made Oprah wealthy.

    I guess now that she does not need them (Whites), she can say what she really thinks about Whites.

    I guess she is still bitter about her shows numbers falling after she supported Barry for president.

    1. Oprah doesn’t seem to think much of American blacks either. That’s why she took her money to Africa, where she invested in a school that was promptly implicated in a child abuse scandal. Doesn’t the U.S. have any poor, underprivileged blacks? How come she didn’t deem them worthy of her largesse?

      Oprah is a ridiculous creature: whitey made her rich, but mentally, she is still stuck in Al Sharpton’s ghetto. Her hatred of whitey seems to grow as she gets older….

  2. RE: “Ugh!… Obama Bashes America Again – Says ‘The System’ Doesn’t Give People ‘A Fair Shot’ ”

    I hate these America is unfair lies.

    The problem is there are too many factual examples that challenge this lie.

    Oh, really? Can he explain how men like Joesph Pulitzer and Andrew Carnegie can come to America with nothing and become wealthy men.

    Or Children of immigrants like who made success off their own back like Nicky Haley, the governor of South Carolina. Or People like Estee Lauder who could go from a very modest beginning to creating a multi- national company. The composer Irving Berlin, the architect, IM Pei, etc.etc.

    Or that Black entrepreneurs can make millions or billions like Robert L. Johnson and Oprah. Russell Simmons, Famous “Wally”Amos, etc.,etc.

    There are unlimited opportunities in America and the country gives you a “fair” shot probably more than any other.

  3. @Sheik,

    “Her hatred of whitey seems to grow as she gets older”

    Yes, that seems accurate. Her viciousness is rather startling.

    It as if her ego cannot forgive the white women who abandoned her after Barry was elected, it’s if she took it as a personal slight.

    You know, at some point Oprah said to herself, “Don’t they know who I am!? I make stars! I make companies! In thirty plus years I am never wrong! I am a taste maker!

    I can’t be wrong. It must be down to racism. I always suspected that all those white women were really racist underneath all their adoration of me.
    It was just a matter of time before it came out.

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