Thanks to the EUSSR Greece Gets a Proper Mohammedan Headquarter

A mosque is not just a place of worship, as the soldiers of allah and their enablers would have you believe. It is the headquarters of an invading army. Mosques are military command centres. Every mosque, every imam, should be under permanent surveillance by the police and the secret service.



Source: By: AFP

Work is finally set to begin on Athens’ first mosque, 13 years after plans were first announced, the Greek government announced on Thursday.

A Greek consortium has been chosen, the infrastructure ministry said, after five previous attempts to find a business group to lead the project failed.

Athens is one of the few European capitals without a mosque.

The building will have a budget of 946,000 euros ($1.3 million) and will be 600 square meters. It is being built on land formerly used by the military but it will not have a minaret.

The project will have to be completed within six months of contracts being signed, said the ministry.

The scheme has been beset by various delays. It was first announced in 2000, ahead of the Olympics in Athens in 2004.

However, it has long been opposed by the powerful Greek Orthodox Church. Some 90 percent of Greeks consider themselves Christian.

Although this is the first official mosque, several non-official places of worship have appeared in the Greek capital, thanks to an increasing number of immigrants from countries such as Pakistan.

In 2011, the Greek government was forced to adopt a law ensuring the construction of the mosque, with the first contract tender to be launched in the summer of 2013.

However, it took five attempts to award a contract because of concerns over where to place the mosque and protests from those on the extreme right, such as supporters of Golden Dawn.

The only official mosques to be found in Greece are situated in the north east region of Thrace, where a minority group of Muslim Turks live.


Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen make it official, the first alliance of two strong Islam-critical parties, taking on the monster called Europe:


Taking on this monster called Europe

Mr Wilders and Ms Le Pen did not have much to say about how their faction meant to roll back the tide. But it is hard to ignore the fact that these two far-right parties are leading the polls in their respective countries.

5 thoughts on “Thanks to the EUSSR Greece Gets a Proper Mohammedan Headquarter”

  1. I would not be surprised if the Greeks end up burning it to the ground.

    They’re still pissed off about the Ottomans.

  2. …but there are lots of mosques built on Greek land: in Constantinople and Smyrna for example.

  3. Sunday November 17, 2013

    Golden Dawn threatens anti-mosque rallies following construction

    Golden Dawn has pledged to organize mass protests against the construction of a mosque in central Athens after the tender for the project was awarded earlier this week.

    The neofascist party said the awarding of the contract was an “unprecedented provocation” and that it would use its position “within Parliament and mainly through mass, powerful demonstrations” to prevent the mosque being built.

    The right-wing anti-bailout party Independent Greeks also issued a statement condemning the project, saying it was against Greece’s national interests.

    Ex-Independent Greeks MP Christos Zois, who leads his own party, Nea Mera, said the location of the mosque in Votanikos, “just a few meters from the sacred rock of the Acropolis and Plato’s olive tree” was disrespectful to Greek history.

    “This comes at a time when the government does not dare to demand that Hagia Sophia [in Istanbul] be recognized as a place of worship of worldwide importance and the reopening of the Halki theological seminary,” said Zois.

    The Infrastructure Ministry said on Thursday it had awarded the contract for the mosque’s construction to a consortium comprising the firms J&P Avax, Terna, Aktor and Intrakat.

    The project has a budget of 946,000 euros and the mosque will be built on land that belonged to the Hellenic Navy in Votanikos, near central Athens. Ministry sources said the construction work should begin early next year.

  4. Money no object.

    The EU stooges promised funding long ago. The Saudis are always ready to finance more mosques. And Turkey recently announced that they will build it (if the Greeks don’t).

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