Antarctic Animal Ethics vs Free Speech

I believe it when I see it:

First off: our freedom restored to criticise the New Racism

It should (also) be made clear that the purpose of any change is not to allow us “to offend and insult people because of their race”, but to allow us to say things without a judge ruling they should be banned because someone took offence on the grounds of their “race”.


Smart move:

Lets axe the ABC

Here comes Abbott’s axe  (Andrew Bolt)

Ever heard of the “Antarctic Animal Ethics Committee or Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing?”

You haven’t? But KRudd & G-Lard made you pay for it!

I wonder if taxpayers will notice the slightest difference – other than an easing of the government’s grip on their wallets: 

On Friday, the government will also announce the immediate dismantling of a raft of government advisory bodies, expert panels and national steering committees, covering diverse areas including ageing, legal affairs, ethics and animal welfare. Federal cabinet this week signed off on the changes, which will see a dozen “non-statutory” bodies axed altogether, and several more amalgamated with other bodies or absorbed into existing departmental functions…

The bodies scrapped are: Australian Animals Welfare Advisory Committee; Commonwealth Firearms Advisory Committee; International Legal Services Advisory Committee; National Inter-country Adoption Advisory Council; National Steering Committee on Corporate Wrongdoing; Antarctic Animal Ethics Committee; Advisory Panel on the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula; High Speed Rail Advisory Group; Maritime Workforce Development Forum; Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing; Insurance Reform Advisory Group; and the National Housing Supply Council.

What kind of mind ever thought we needed an Antarctic Animal Ethics Committee or Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing.

If you can suggest other government agencies in desperate need of abolition, fire away. Let me start: scrap the Human Rights Commission. We’d not just save money but save our human rights from its meddling.

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