Central African Republic: a heavily armed Muslim force of ex-rebels, mercenaries and bandits terrorises a Christian population

Countries in Africa are falling like dominoes. The Mohammedan expansion project is in high gear. As in Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon and elsewhere, the soldiers of allah murder, rape and terrorise  just like Muhammad’s army back in the 7th century.

CAR chaos brings terror  

(Not. Mohammedanism terrorises the Central African Republic)

Warnings that armed groups are moving into Central African Republic amid security vacuum.

Al Jizz/Bangui, Central African Republic – Warnings of genocide in the Central African Republic are mounting as anarchy following a March coup pits a heavily armed, largely Muslim force of ex-rebels, mercenaries and bandits against a Christian population that has risen up to form self-defence units, some armed only with poisoned bows and arrows.


“Here come the crazies, the sickos,” says one taxi driver in the capital, Bangui, as one of the now ubiquitous machine gun-mounted pick-up trucks careers down the opposite highway.

“All they know is killing,” he adds.

Bossangoa/Bangui, Central African Republic – You cannot escape the stories of torture and killings here in the Central African Republic.

Parents tell of seeing their children drown or burn to death; wives tell of their husbands tied up and shot; children speak of their relatives hacked to pieces – as the failed state at the heart of Africa descends into anarchy.

Central African Republic: 450,000 Christians flee from Muslim attacks

Seleka does not rape, loot and kill indiscriminately. Rather, Seleka attacks Christians and spares Muslims, causing traditional community trust to evaporate, and creating a sectarian tinderbox.”


The media, of course, obfuscates the root cause yet again. “450,000 Christians Flee From Muslim Attacks in the Central African Republic,” by Pierre Leblanc and Lee Jay Walker for Modern Tokyo Times via Asia News, November 27 (thanks to JW):

The United Nations is demanding immediate support for the Central African Republic (CAR) during a very difficult period.

Sharia in action in Nigeria to ‘restore tarnished image’  of…… ?

“We hope this measure will help restore the tarnished image of Kano.” Alas, no such luck. “Nigeria sharia police smash 240,000 bottles of beer,” from AFP, November 27: (JW)


Muslims beat Christian principal, teachers into comas for sending a girl home for wearing a hijab

Hijab-P.jpgDon’t you dare send them home

More interfaith outreach and mutual respect. “Hijab: School principal, teachers beaten to a pulp in Osun,” by Oluwole Ige for the Nigerian Tribune, November 26 (thanks toPamela Geller & JW)

Nigeria: Muslim mobs murder at least 71 Christians


“They fear that the herdsmen, with backing from Islamic extremist groups, want to take over the predominantly Christian areas in order to acquire land for grazing, stockpile arms and expand Islamic territory. Hit-and-run, guerrilla-style attacks on Christian villages in which children are shot to death as they sleep support their suspicion that the assaults are motivated by desire to eliminate Christianity.”