Egypt: MuBro “activists” lament long prison sentences

“Activists” decry harsh sentences in Egypt

Rights groups furious after 21 women, including a 15-year-old, get 11 years in jail for peaceful protest. Al Jizz

The women, who are supporters of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, received 11-year prison sentences on Wednesday for forming a human chain and passing out flyers earlier this month. The youngest member of the group is 15-years-old.

Qatar to buy Amnesty International

I’m surprised they haven’t bought it long ago.

DOHA: Qatar has reportedly purchased the human rights organisation Amnesty International, less than a day after it published a damning report into the country’s construction sector as work begins on stadiums for the 2022 World Cup.

While financial details of the deal have not been revealed, experts have suggested that move is an economically shrewd one by the gas-rich Gulf state. (:-)

 Imam of New York:

“Prisoners of a shared political ideology”

Decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Marxism is still holding prisoners:

A couple suspected of holding three women captive for 30 years in a London home were introduced to two of the victims through a Marxist political “collective”.–NOTHING TO LOSE BUT THEIR CHAINS (Tim Blair)

“Disrespect in the history of graffiti”

The owner of a building in Queens used a crew of painters to work overnight and paint over graffiti on a warehouse in Long Island: Owner paints building,  Graffiti vandals devastated:   The moral of the story, gentlemen, is buy your own canvas.

Washington Post: Republicans Mindlessly Oppose Iran Going Nuclear

 Don’t worry. If Iran gets the bomb, there will be tougher sanctions. Those worked on North Korea. Right?

The Obama Who Stole Thanksgiving

by :  The leftist hijacking of Thanksgiving.

Karen Armstrong’s 9/11 British Empire Blowback Thesis

by :   The Left’s twisted self-hatred comes to Georgetown University.

All hail the schlong:

Environmentalism Is the New Racism

by :  Get ready for Global Warming wealth redistribution.