Gulish Crap From Turkey

Turkish President Abdullah Gul called on Muslim countries to fight against Islamophobia during his address on Tuesday at the 29th session of the COMCEC held in Istanbul.

Islamophobia remains a critical problem, which instigates unsubstantial prejudices against our region and Muslims. Terror plays a role in the persistence of such problems. We have to combat any form of deviation playing into the hands of people who equate terrorism with Islam, the religion of love, tolerance and conciliation,” Gul said during his inaugural address.

abdullahCOMCEC, which is the main multilateral economic and commercial cooperation platform of the Muslim world, convenes annually at a ministerial level in Istanbul, Turkey under the chairmanship of the President of Turkey. So far, it has regularly convened 28 sessions.

“Playing a more active role in the solution of global problems such as climate change, poverty, the fight against organized crime, immigration, radicalism, narcotics and human trafficking will certainly introduce new economic and commercial opportunities for Muslim countries,” Gul emphasized.  (Bulletin)

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1. Many Things Rotten in Denmark,

2. Rick Warren’s Chrislam Becomes One Of The Fastest Growing Religions In America,  Before It’s News

3. Islamic ‘Racism’: Muslim Blood Superior to Infidel Blood, Front Page Mag, by Raymond Ibrahim

4. Bangladesh: Genocide Now, Taliban Soon, American Thinker

5. Human Rights vs. Public Safety, Gatestone Institute

6. Palestinian Authority’s Double Standards on Prisoners, Gatestone Institute

7. Will the Real Muslim ‘Moderates’ Please Stand Up?, Cherson and Molschky

8. Al-Qaeda’s Jihad Supported by Muslim Brotherhood, Front Page Mag, by Raymond Ibrahim


1. Many Things Rotten in Denmark, by Andrew E. Harrod, November 13, 2013

“A Danish appeals court recently upheld the conviction under a Danish hate speech law of an Iranian-Danish woman for her remarks condemnatory of Islam. Coming amidst the controversial statements by another Dane of Muslim background, this conviction raises troubling questions about who may say what about Islam…”


2. Rick Warren’s Chrislam Becomes One Of The Fastest Growing Religions In America

Before It’s News, November 13, 2013

“Chrislam is the merging of apostate christianity and the ideology of Islam, and it is truly a pit of serpents and devils. One of the main founders of Chrislam and one of it’s main drivers is Rick Warren from Saddleback Church in Southern California. Warren at the same time passionately denies his connection with Chrislam while at the same time promoting it through his many ministries and outlets…”


3. Islamic ‘Racism’: Muslim Blood Superior to Infidel Blood

Front Page Mag, by Raymond Ibrahim, November 19, 2013

“Arguing that Muslim blood is more precious than infidel blood, Muslim clerics in and out of Sudan are outraged because a Sudanese court has condemned a Muslim man to death—simply because he murdered American Diplomat John Granville on January 1, 2008…”


4. Bangladesh: Genocide Now, Taliban Soon

American Thinker, by Madeline Brooks, November 19, 2013

“Bangladesh is on the road to becoming another Afghanistan, fulfilling the clearly stated desires of jihadists and fundamentalists, according to Bangladeshis who have fled their homeland. Imams describe women as filth and demand that they cover themselves. They accuse exploited female garment workers of prostitution when they are forced to work late into the night to earn a living. Schoolchildren have to dress in Islamic garb, even if they are not Muslims. Workers are discriminated against if they are other than Muslim…”
5. Human Rights vs. Public Safety

Gatestone Institute, by Douglas Murray, November 18, 2013

“Britain is unable to extradite people to their country of origin if they might face harm there. This means that the British police had to find some mechanism to keep a constant vigil on a small number of young men believed to be a potential threat to the British public. In recent years, the British government has repeatedly been paying off terrorists before their cases could come to court. To keep state intelligence secret and avoid legal unpleasantness, there are quite a number of people in the UK who have been made jihadist millionaires…”
6. Palestinian Authority’s Double Standards on Prisoners

Gatestone Institute, by Khaled Abu Toameh, November 15, 2013

“The daily Al-Quds al-Arabi recently revealed that dozens of Palestinians have been held in Kuwaiti prisons since 1991. The families of these prisoners do not know anything about their conditions. The Palestinian Authority ambassador to Kuwait, Rami Tahboub, refused to comment on the plight of the prisoners there. Reached by phone, the ambassador first said he was busy with a meeting. He later stopped answering the phone. As far as the Palestinian Authority leadership is concerned, the only “heroes” are those prisoners who are held in Israel. For the Palestinian Authority, Palestinians who are being tortured and killed in Arab prisons are not worth even a statement…”


7. Will the Real Muslim ‘Moderates’ Please Stand Up?

Cherson and Molschky, by Paul Wilkinson, November 19, 2013

“Britain has numerous so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims aka self-righteous ‘media-whores’, who carve a living from shamelessly denying all the nasty things clearly written in the Qur’an. They publically espouse equal rights and state how they are against any form of discrimination, yet on the other hand are all religious zealots who follow the Qur’an to the letter and worship the Prophet Muhammad and his teachings…”


8. Al-Qaeda’s Jihad Supported by Muslim Brotherhood

By Raymond Ibrahim, November 18, 2013

“While some are convinced that the various Islamic organizations are discreet and disparate phenomena with divergent goals, once again information appears indicating that, all semantics aside, they are better viewed as branches emanating from one root — branches that complement and work with one another for the same goal: the empowerment of Islam, whether through jihad or suits and smiley faces…”


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  1. evangelicals getting up close to islam? shouldn’t be long before they see the light- or rather dark-ness. remember West side story the teacher tries to get the Jets & Sharks to mingle by dancing with each other. how long did that last? what happens when the men try to talk with muslimas? ah oh! & if 2 should fall in love & they honor kill her or beat him? get the popcorn, this should be interesting! how fast is their learning curve?

  2. unsubstantial?

    I can think of 20,000+ reasons that are all substantial.


    ” Palestinians who are being tortured and killed in Arab prisons are not worth even a statement…”

    Ahhh, the ME, the comedic gift that just keeps on giving.

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