Loveboat to Lampedusa

‘All Lampedusa disaster boat women raped’

Somali, Palestinian held in trafficking probe

People traffickers tortured and raped African migrants whose boat later sank off Lampedusa with the loss of more than 360 lives, Italian police say.

  • (not sure what to make of this. The routine cries of victimhood by the invading muslim hordes must be taken with a gram of salt.)

(ANSA) – Palermo, November 8 – All the women aboard a boat that sank off Lampedusa killing 366 migrants last month were raped during the trip from Africa, Italian police said after two suspected traffickers were arrested Friday.

The 155 survivors of the trek from the Horn of Africa through the Sahara and across the Mediterranean from Libya said all the female asylum seekers from Syria, Eritrea and Somalia on the voyage were raped by the traffickers, Corrado Empoli, head of the flying squad in the Sicilian city of Afrigento, told a press conference.

“It has emerged from the tales of the survivors of the October 3 wreck that all the women were raped by the members of the criminal organisation that ran the migrant trafficking,” he said. A Palestinian and a Somali, who was rescued by migrants who wanted to lynch him, were arrested for alleged migrant smuggling and suspected rape.