Opposing Islamic Textbooks in Florida Public Schools “Sows Hostility?”

“…a misleading, misguided crusade that sows ignorance and intolerance”

Here we go again: those who oppose Islam cause wars for which they are responsible.

We say:

PEOPLE  who oppose child-marriage, wife beating, jihad terror, honour killings, FGM, polygamy and murder of apostates are neither  ignorant or misguided, they are the pillars of our society. Everyone of good will must come out to support them in order to defend our civilisation from muselmanic savages.

The moonbats from the Orlando Sentinel have long lost the plot.

Some of their scribblers must have converted already.

Inside the controversial ‘history’ text book being forced on American school children

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When they talk about ‘defending islam’ it would help to watch this short video to understand the classic islamic sophistry applied to that term.


As an aside, things are getting very bad in terms of islamic manifest destiny in the West and USA in particular if they are at this stage of infiltration.

Muslim text protest sows hostility

In test results released this week, math and reading scores for Florida’s fourth- and eighth-graders rose from two years ago but remained well behind those in the nation’s top performing states. Closing the gap is a goal that should galvanize everyone who cares about improving public education in Florida.

But in Volusia County, some protesters have chosen instead to target the district’s 10th-grade world history textbook, because it includes a chapter on Muslim civilizations. It’s a misleading, misguided crusade that sows ignorance and intolerance — the antithesis of the values that education should be promoting.

The protest has been spearheaded by activist Rick Sarmiento of Lake County. He told the Sentinel’s Erica Rodriguez that he didn’t object to “the inclusion of the religion of Islam” in the textbook — thanks for that concession, Rick — but wanted other religions to be “equally represented.”

Sarmiento had dialed back his opposition by the time he talked with Rodriguez. He had recanted his earlier suggestion that students should tear out the chapter on Islamic history.

But the basis of Sarmiento’s objection — a 32-page chapter on Islam when there is no separate chapter on Christianity or other faiths in the textbook — is tissue-thin, considering there are references to Christianity and Judaism in seven other chapters, according to school officials.

Focusing on the 10th-grade textbook — which was vetted by a state panel, then selected by a district committee — also ignores that the world history curriculum under state standards is split between two years. The period covered in sixth grade, the first year, includes the origins of Judaism and Christianity. The period covered in 10th grade, the second year, includes the origins of Islam.

This is history, not religious indoctrination.

(No. Whitewashing Islam is indoctrination)

Yet a protest rally co-organized this week by Sarmiento outside the School Board’s headquarters in DeLand attracted dozens of would-be textbook editors. Some carried signs with anti-Islamic messages.

This concocted controversy calls to mind another appeal to antipathy toward Muslims — the ongoing effort in theFlorida Legislature to “protect” state courts from the non-existent threat of Islamic Shariah law.

The threat is real.

A string of deadly attacks by Islamic terrorists on Americans — including the worst-ever attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 — have stoked widespread fear and mistrust of Muslims. But it’s ignorant and illogical to discredit all of Islam and its followers, including millions in the United States, based on the murderous acts of a lunatic fringe.

Nobody knows who the lunatic fringe is unless we expose the texts and tenets of Islam.

Such an understanding can only be gained by teaching history, not expunging it.

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