“Most Bosnian Muslims practice a moderate form of Islam…”

Bosnia’s U.S. Embassy attacker says sorry, rejects radical Islam

SARAJEVO (Reuters) – A man being re-tried for attacking the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo in 2011 apologised for his “stupid act” on Wednesday and told the court he had been manipulated and then abandoned by his radical Islamist mentors.


Jasarevic, originally from Serbia, was a member of the strict Wahhabi branch of Islam, which gained a foothold in Bosnia after its 1992-95 war. He had lived for three years in an isolated community of Wahhabi adherents in the northeastern village of Gornja Maoca.

He said he had embraced Islam as a 16-year-old while serving a prison term for bank robbery in Austria, where he grew up. In Gornja Maoca, he told the court, he was shown videos depicting the plight of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

“I felt the need to do something, to get attention for the sufferings of the Muslims in the East,” he said. “I did not plan this dangerous, tragic and unbelievably stupid and sad act.”

What a turd

Kerrysaidstoplisteningtoisraelis.jpgWhenever someone asked Kerry “what would the Israelis say?” Kerry said, “Stop listening to the Israelis.”

Senators Appalled by Kerry’s Anti-Israel Remarks in Iran Briefing– Read more….

Libya, Ansar Al Sharia: security depends on implementation of Islamic law

The Benghazi coverup continues while the perpetrators of the murder of Ambassador Stevens and the others assert ever-greater power in Libya.–ANSAmed

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