KRudd called it quits today, at long last.

In just six years, Rudd took down more senior Labor figures than most conservative politicians are able to defeat in a lifetime.

He will be missed, by some, but not here. Not by us:

It’s difficult to find words that aptly describe your momentous contribution to Australia’s political scene. But I will try.

  • We will miss your quaint dysfunctional disasters, your megalomania, your narcissistic self absorption.
  • We will miss your conceited arrogance and rudeness… your schizophrenic flakiness and psychotic boorishness.

Continued below:

KRudd quits, starved of status

Good riddance. The greatest claim he can make on his performance as PM, is that he was only the second worst.


No matter which way the left spins it, KRudd was a con artist and it will never cease to amaze me how he could dupe so many people. And please, lefties: spare us the movie!

Lousy Style

Pickering continued:

No-one could hold a light to your abusive bluntness and impolite churlishness.

  • Your crass crudeness and ignorant ineptness was something to behold. No-one could equal your treacherous betrayals, dirty-dealing duplicity and perfidious grift.
  • None other could aspire to the dizzy heights of your pretentious vanity.
  • But no valediction is complete without the obligatory touching story:
  • I remember affectionately when you were in Beijing and you so impressively asked for a glass of water in your faultless Mandarin and the waitress brought you a bowl of steamed chicken feet.

Yes, Uncle Kev, at the going down of the sun, you will remember you.

2 thoughts on “MR ABOLOGY KWITS”

  1. Rudd probably got the Jewish vote by his false promises in the 2007 election camaign: he promised the Jewish community to “take I’maDinnaJacket” the Iranian Hitler before an international court for his Holocaust denial etc. etc. if they voted him in.

    When he got “in”, one of the first things he did was to meekly follow Arsmadinnejad (spelling?) to the podium of the ghastly UN, and, of course, he never kept his promise.

    Seeing much through the prism of the virulent Jew hatred, driven by islam and fostered by the Left, I have never forgiven him for this and he deserved everything that was coming to him.

  2. It seemed quite clear at the time that the ‘apology’ Rudd gave was 99% motivated by his own vanity. It cost him nothing but the return in ego-stroking was enormous .

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