No Love For Nawaz

Maajid Nawaz is Tommy Robinson’s new partner in the rather odious Quillam Foundation:

Nawaz never renounced the shahada, never denounced Muhammad, jihad or the subjugation of non-Muslims. He may be confused, but he is still a Muslim. Nawaz offers up the same old claptrap about Islam being “hijacked” and would have you believe there is another Islam,  one that differs  from the Islam the in Koran, sira and hadith. There isn’t. Besides, the Quillam Foundation is anything but ‘moderate’. Take a look at the above link.

Either way, Muhammad must not be criticised or doubted. Nawaz gets no love from his coreligionists:

Eradicating radical Islam

A self-proclaimed former Islamic radical is hoping to prevent people from joining extremist organisations through open discussions. (Today Tonight)


Maajid Nawaz has been pushed into action following an admission by one of Australia’s most respected Muslim leaders Imam Afroz Ali. Two months ago Mr Ali made an admission at a closed forum of 25 of Australia’s leading Imams on the radicalisation of Islam.

Laughable. Afroz Ali promotes FGM and sharia finance. To rely on him to tell us who the ‘radicals’ are is patently absurd.

Mr Ali has been recorded saying that over the course of seven years he had identified 240 ‘radicals Islamists’ within his community centre, 120 of whom continue to have extremist views and are seen to potentially be on a path to “extreme acts”.

Mr Nawaz, who says he understands extreme Islamist groups because he was once a true believer, thinks Mr Ali’s admission is a serious concern.

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Mr Nawaz says he understands extreme Islamist groups because he was once a true believer.

He may understand; but what is he now? Is he no longer a believer?

He was a radical Islamist who joined Hizb ut-Tahrir, a global extremist organisation, at the age of 16.

“Hizb ut-Tahrir wants to overthrow every single Muslim majority regime and replace them with one pan Islamist, global super-state. They call it the ‘Caliphate’,” Mr Nawaz said.

Not only Hizb ut-Tahrir. It is the duty of every Muslim to do da’wa and to destroy infidel nations from within.

“The next stage of their aim is to declare offensive Jihad against the world.”

Mr Nawaz says it is the young, ignorant and angry youths who join Islamist groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Mr Nawaz claims he was the perfect candidate for these Islamist extremist groups, after being exposed to years of violent racism as a third generation Pakistani. He says he felt alienated, angry and vulnerable, and thus turned to charismatic leaders like Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Mohammed.

“Omar Bakri Mohammed left the group and went on to found what is now a banned terrorist organisation,” Mr Nawaz said.

Mr Nawaz’s job as a radical was to recruit as many members as he could, using an anti-Western sales pitch. He travelled to Pakistan, Denmark, and Egypt where he was arrested and jailed for four years.

“I became so angry that I wanted revenge against my torturers and my prison guards. I was very tempted to move to the next stage which was terrorism,” Mr Nawaz said.

Amnesty International successfully campaigned to have Mr Nawaz released from jail because, while his ideas were anti-Western, he had not committed a crime.

It was through Amnesty International’s campaign to release him that Mr Nawaz began to see the West in a different light.

Sounds like an advertisement for AI.

When he returned to England from Egypt, Mr Nawaz left Hizb ut-Tahrir.

He says the best way to counter extremism is by telling the whole truth.

He doesn’t. He lies.

Mr Nawaz has offered to debate any extremist leaders in an open forum and says that offer still stands.

“If we expect openness, if we expect the Western media to expose what happened in Abu Grhaib and Guantanamo, then we have to also play by the same standards,” Mr Nawaz said.

“We also need to be open and transparent about the problems within Muslim communities within Australia.”


Maajid Nawaz is on Twitter @MaajidNawaz

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