Pakistan, China, Iran, Kenya, Mali: the Jihad Never Stops…..


They came to Beijing in a Mercedes Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), moved into an apartment, bought knives and 400 litres of petrol, police said.

Muslims who carried out Tiananmen Square jihad car bombing swore to join jihad and visited Square thrice before attack


They planned their jihad mass murder carefully. “Islamist militants recced area thrice before Tiananmen attack,” from PTI, November 1:

Islamist militants from China’s restive Xinjiang province who carried out a suicide car crash at the iconic Tiananmen square visited the area thrice and bought knives and 400 litres of petrol before the attack, police said today. A group of eight people, hailing from Muslim Uygur majority Xinjiang came together in the provincial capital Urumqi, watched a terror video and later swore to join Jihad, state-run CCTV quoted police officials as saying as more details emerged about the October 28 incident.   . . . . continue reading . . . .

 New moderate Iran:

Islamic Revolution Guards Corps top dog says “‘death to US’ slogan cannot be discarded”

Rouhani’s moderation, you see, is just a “new tactic” labeled “heroic flexibility.” And Obama’s White House is clueless and/or compromised enough to fall for it. “IRGC Official: “Death to US” Slogan Unchangeable,” from Iran’s Fars News Agency, November 2: (JW)

‘For The Record’ Examines the U.N.’s Agenda 21: 46 States and Counting

“…to be taken globally, nationally and locally…” —Read More »

How do Liberals get away with feeding BS to the electorate?

Liberals comprise only about 20 percent of the voting public. So, how has the left been so successful in swaying the majority of voters to believe what they feed them, when most often what the left says is not supported by the facts and what they do actually does harm to their voting constituents?

How do they do this?

They lie.


“Militant Christians” in Kenya

Kenyan pastors ask for AK-47s to counter Islamic jihad attacks

Christianity has never opposed self-defense. “Kenyan Pastors Ask for AK-47s Amid Radical Muslim Persecution,” by Fredrick Nzwili for RNS, November 1 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

As attacks on Christians mount in Kenya’s coastal region, some evangelical pastors in the Mombasa area may no longer be willing to turn the other cheek.

French Foreign Ministry confirms that RFI journalists were abducted and killed by gunmen outside town of Kidal.

Pakistan summons US envoy over Mehsud killing

Islamabad says drone strike which killed TPP leader was a murder of peace and stability to Pakistan and the region.

Russia ‘collects DNA samples’ of Muslim women

Saliva samples of conservative women taken in wake of spate of suicide attacks in run-up to Sochi Winter Olympics.
“Conservative women”, you see? They must be just like the Amish, or good Christians…..
Qatar based al Jizz finds slavery in the strangest places, just not in the Emirates or other Islamic hellholes…..

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