Shrillary Announces “No Ceilings” Initiative

Surreal and audacious


 ‘Ceilings in America Are Unacceptable’

As if the Affirmative Action turd in the white house was not enough of an embarrassment already.

Shrillary’s 2016 Candidacy is already well underway, and received another jolt Friday when the former Secretary of State announced her “No Ceilings” initiative:

Shrillary breaks the glass ceiling

There might be people dumb deaf and blind enough to vote for this tart, but upstanding Americans need to put the Klintoons out of business. It is outrageous how much damage these professional shysters have done to the shiny city on the hill.

Those who vote for Shrillary vote for Huma and the MuBro’s.

Is America Islamic or insane?

New Reality Series called The Grifters, starring Bill & Hillary!
(1) Clinton Foundation spent $50 million on Travel Expenses…

(2) $109 million fleeced by The Clinton’s…

(3) $500,000 fleeced by Bill Clinton in Israel…

(4) Unease at Clinton’ Foundation Over Finances & Ambitions…

The Curry Princess, the gift that keeps on giving

On Her Majesty’s Service, thanks to the clueless buffoon David Camoron:

British Muslim MP compares veil ban to mini-skirts


Sayeeda Warsi, a British Muslim member of parliament, has criticized calls to ban the face veil by comparing them to similar calls to ban miniskirts in the 60s.

Remember how we stoned them when they took their miniskirts off?


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  1. Having lived in the 60s, I do remember that mini-skirts were banned in school, university, the courts etc.
    Allowing a ‘small minority’ segment of society to cover its face, while forbidding the majority, is discrimination. (And it offends me. )

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