Polonium, Drones, Miley & Camel Urine

Pay enough and you  get  the desired result:

Arafat Poisoned By Jews Just Like Mohammed Was Claims Pallie Religious Affairs Minister

Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur

Arafat circus continues as Abbas wants to go to the UN

 (A recent report showed that the PA and Suha Arafat paid for the Swiss investigation, in another misuse of international funds.)

Did Jasser Arafartbastard eat in this restaurant?


Allah is great. But Miley is greater…

‘Miley Cyrus to perform in Israel’


The unconventional beverage

Saudis Find Cure for Cancer in Camel Urine… (TROP)

It figures that Saudi Arabia’s greatest national achievement would involve camel urine. Either that or suicide bombing or cutting someone’s hands off.

 Yemenis guzzle camel urine for health and beauty benefits

… “I drink a cup of camel urine every morning,” said 67-year-old Um Aziz, an Old City resident.

Many attribute the act of consuming animal urine for medicinal purposes to an interpretation of one of the Prophet Mohammed’s hadiths (narrations), in which he is believed to have directed followers to drink the liquid. …More medical marvels at Yemen Times (thanks to Mullah/pbuh)


McRINO hears  voices:

Deadbeat McCain: Tons Of The American People Want Me To Run For President Again




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