4 thoughts on “Somalia lands a boat in Darwin”

  1. That baby looks very young. If the child was born in Indonesia, wouldn’t that make that child an Indonesian citizen?

  2. So much for turning the boats back! He can’t even get them to take them off our hands.
    Yet another policy promise broken.

    Indonesia is now looking at DECREASING the size of their borders.
    Which means the Australian taxpayer will be picking up the size of our borders.
    Despite all the boats, aircraft and millions of dollars we have GIVEN them they can’t be bothered to take a few illegals.
    Stop ALL aid, don’t give them anything!

    1. Hijra (migration) to the dar al-harb is a religious obligation for every muslim. The Indo’s will facilitate the invasion of Australia for the simple reason to make it Islamic. For the same reason, Turkey wants to be included in the EU.

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