Resistance is a threat….

Germany’s Sharia No-Go Zones


“To mark No Go Areas, that is to say law-free areas with high danger potential, is nothing unusual,” Rüdiger Franz of Bonn, Germany’s General Anzeiger (GA) newspaper wrote, as travel guide entries for cities such as Detroit, Istanbul, Johannesburg, or Mogadishu show.  Considerable controversy, however, ensued after a language school posted an Internet No Go Area map of Bonn and environs, drawing ongoing, often unwelcome attention to the problems Germany’s once serene former capital faces from newly arrived Muslim immigrants.

Sweden, completely sick:

In Obamastan, veterans are the enemy:

“Mr. Chambers, you’re service is a double edged sword. Your time in Iraq makes you a threat to society and I have a civil obligation to lock you up.”— He got 10 years in prison.

Who are the real haters here?


“I got out of my car to help, not to offend no one.”


Ben Carson Calls Congressional Black Caucus’ Refusal to Allow White Members ‘Racist’

 The ‘black caucus” is a bunch of black racists and grievance mongers who  are pushing  a Marxist agenda.

You are ‘racist’ if you own a gun:

Do You Own a Gun? New Study Says That Could Be Linked to Racism

“Not necessarily conscious or deliberate but may be felt as fear, anger, unease and hostility towards blacks.”


Grinding Up the Little Boys

Wild Bill for America reveals the recipe used by the feminazis running public schools to create tomorrow’s sociopaths:

“Take a little boy, drug him up, suppress all of his natural instincts, and then humiliate him with years of psychobabble.”

If you think our society has become dysfunctional now, wait until moonbats have had another generation’s worth of total hegemony in education.

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