A well-informed infidel should never set foot in a Muslim land

And he should do whatever he can to reverse the hijra, (Islamic migration) to his country.

The ABC duly reports the issuing of the warning, without once mentioning the common factor that accounts for a great deal of the unpleasantness that prudent  Aussie travellers are advised to avoid.

Christina McIntosh:

“12 Countries DFAT Would Rather You Avoided”

“A Darwin man says he was kidnapped while on holiday in the (Muslim-majority, Muslim-ruled – CM) West African republic of Senegal, and held prisoner for six weeks while his bank accounts were raided.

He should be counting his blessings: he’s alive, with his head still attached to his body. – CM

‘Advice issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) says tourists should “exercise a high degree of caution” in Senegal.

Look, just don’t go.  If you are not a Muslim, don’t go to majority Muslim countries.  And that doesn’t just mean the countries on this particular Don’t Go list; there are others, countries such as Dubai or Malaysia, currently both being heavily promoted as tourist destinations, that the truly prudent Infidel would do well to avoid, also.– CM

‘But there are 12 other countries that DFAT says Australians should avoid.

‘The simple warning to travellers considering a trip to the following destinations: “DO NOT”.


That one’s a no-brainer...CM

‘Latest information is that militants (sic: Jihad-minded pious Mohammedthugs – CM) may be planning kidnapping activities targeting female NGO workers (that is, ‘female Infidel NGO workers’, in particular – CM) in the Khak-e-Jabar district of Kabul.   Hard to get more specific than that, although the warning includes a general advisory for Australians not to travel to Afghanistan “because of the extremely dangerous security situation and the very high risk of terrorist attack”.

Afghanistan is sharia-crazed, jihad-wracked. To be avoided by all intelligent Infidels. And no Infidel country should permit Muslims from Afghanistan, no matter what their claimed sob stories, to leave Afghanistan and settle deep within Infidel lands.  Because they bring with them – and 99 percent of them adamantly refuse to shuck off –  the very thing that has made Afghanistan the desolate hell-pit that it is. Islam. – CM

‘Australia’s military commitment in Afghanistan may be winding down, but our armed forces maintain a presence there.

It will get a lot more dangerous for Infidels after the Infidel troops leave. – CM


‘The dangerous aspects of travel in (majority-Muslim and going-sharia-fast – CM) Sudan remain civil unrest and political tension (par for the course in most Islamic countries, due to the suspicion, aggression and zero-sum mentality fostered by Islam – CM), much of it owing to the lifting of fuel subsidies on September 23, 2013, which has led to violent protests across the country, including in the capital, Khartoum. DFAT says there is “a high threat of terrorist attack in Sudan”.

Of course there is. It’s full of pious jihad-minded Mohammedans. – CM


‘Recent terrorist attacks have contributed to the travel warning attached to this  (99.9 percent Muslim – CM) East African country, bordering Ethiopia, which comes with its own travel advisory.

Ethiopia, still ruled by non-Muslims and in which non-Muslims have a bare majority, is in great peril, squeezed between fanatical Muslim Somalia and fanatically Muslim Sudan, and threatened from within by a dangerous and expanding Mohammedan Fifth Column – CM.

‘DFAT asks Australians not to travel to “any part of Somalia because of armed conflict, the ongoing very high threat of terrorist attack, and dangerous levels of violent crime, including kidnapping”.

A fair description of the natural state of most of the dar al Islam, from the POV of the average Infidel traveller or unlucky next-door- neighbour living within raiding distance, for the past 1400 years. – CM


‘Mali, in West Africa, is prone to “political instability following a military coup, ongoing armed conflict, the activities of armed groups, and the threat of kidnapping”, DFAT says.

In other words, write “Here Be Jihad” on the map. Avoid. – CM


‘As if the media coverage of the ongoing conflict (that is, the ongoing Sunni vs Shiite-and-Alawite jihad – CM) in (Muslim-majority – CM) Syria were not enough, DFAT advises Australians not to travel to Syria “because of the extremely dangerous security situation, highlighted by ongoing military clashes and terrorist attacks.”  It also cites the UK government as recently warning of a large increase in the number of reported kidnappings of NGO workers there.

‘Despite the warnings, Australians (sic: ‘Australian-passport-holding Muslims’ – CM) continue to travel to Syria, many of them for the wrong reasons.

They are going to Syria as jihad pilgrims to make their own small piously-Islamic contribution to the mayhem – those military ‘clashes’, those terrorist attacks, and quite probably the kidnappings, rapings, beheadings, and mutilations…perhaps they will also indulge in wrecking a church or two or three, and preying upon the helpless indigenous Christian minority community.  And then, if they survive, they will – battle-hardened and even more blood-drunk than when they left – propose to return to Australia, in due time to wage jihad here.  – CM


‘Referring to advice from the Australian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, DFAT advises against all travel to Yemen, owing to “a very high risk of terrorist attacks and kidnapping, including in Sanaa”, the Yemeni capital.

And what religion, what belief system, holds 100 percent of the Yemeni population in thrall? – CM

‘South Sudan.

‘The dangers in Africa’s newest nation stem from civil unrest and political tension, DFAT says, and include “the risk of armed conflict, and high level of violent crime”.

South Sudan is the only majority-Infidel and Infidel-governed country on this DFAT’s ‘Countries to Avoid’ list.   They were subjected to non-stop jihad violence by Sudanese Muslims for over fifty years, and somehow managed to claw their way out from under.  They are deeply traumatised, and there are still Muslims in their midst who represent a Fifth Column that will not grow more but rather less peaceful over time.  South Sudan is also under permanent threat from Sudan – North Sudan – to their north, who will wage cross-border jihad against them, whether in full-on assault or via proxies, sooner or later. – CM

‘Central African Republic.

‘Amid reports of rape and other forms of sexual violence, DFAT warns of a highly unstable security situaiton in this land-locked country of 4.5 million people. Armed rebels pose the greatest threat while there are also high levels of serious crime.

The Central African Republic, like South Sudan, is majority – at least nominally – Christian; some 70 percent, in fact. But it is no longer governed by Infidels.  Some among the Muslim minority have seized power in a violent coup, and a reign of terror has been unloosed upon the Christian majority, with burning of churches and destruction of life and property on a grand scale.  At bottom, the majority of the violence now proliferating in the C.A.R is due to Islam. – CM


‘Although it may not bear explaining, (majority-Muslim – CM) Iraq is a dangerous place, prone to terrorism, owing to an increase in insurgent activity.

Jihad is bustin’ out all over. – CM


‘Niger recently made the news after four Frenchmen kidnapped there by Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb three years ago were released.  Despite the good news, a high risk of crime and threat of kidnapping in the country remains, DFAT says.

Just another bog-standard majority-Muslim country. – CM


‘Gaddafi may be gone, but incidences of terrorism – which recently took the form of an attack on an apartment building in Tripoli in which Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan was abducted and held by armed rebels, continue to inform DFAT’s travel advice for the north African country.

For the overwhelmingly-Muslim, jihad-wracked North African country. – CM


‘The capital N’Djamena is the focus of DFAT warnings due to risk of “violence, kidnapping, and high levels of serious crime and lawlessness”.

And, I think not coincidentally, in Chad the Muslims comprise more than fifty percent of the population.

It’s a most instructive list.  There is only one country on this ‘Top Thirteen Countries the Wise Aussie Infidel Ought Not To Visit’ that is both majority non-Muslim and governed by non-Muslims and that particular country is trying to cobble itself together out of a populace traumatised and brutalised by decades of struggling to defend itself against fifty-plus years of non-stop Jihad.  Central African Republic is majority non-Muslim but the Muslims have seized power anyway and are cracking down hard on the infidel majority, with a view to terrorising them into submission – or else exterminating them or driving them out. Short of a miracle, I don’t see the Central African Republic remaining majority-non-Muslim for much longer.

As for the rest: Muslim dominated, and Muslim ruled – or misruled.  Write ‘Here Be Jihad” on the map, and keep well away. – CM


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  1. We don’t have to worry about going to somalia they’re coming to us “somali boat arrives in Darwin” along with them, they bring their diverse culture and no to forget diseases, multiple kids, violent barbaric nature and if course all ready to jump on the bludge line and live it up.

  2. I would add a few more countries to the list of no-go zones for civilised…errr..infidels:

    Holland, as long as Geert Wilders is not in power yet
    Parts of Germany
    Huge Parts of France
    Lakemba (Sydney)

    …. watch this space ….

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