Who’s laughing now? The “Duck Dynasty Show” was supposed to make people laugh at a bunch of backward rednecks

When the TV executives came up with the concept for the show they wanted it to be a case of people laughing at a bunch of backward rednecks. It didn’t turn out that way…..


The blowback against A&E has been massive, with millions of people demonstrating support for Robertson, and commentators from both left and right condemning the network for its attempt to take Robertson off the air.

According to the Daily Mail (UK), the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty believes that A&E  “hung [them] out to dry”

Lib brain donor Charlie (Sheen) is enraged: Sheen Goes Off on ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star

Duck Soup


The following  is the most devastating four paragraphs on the Duck Dynasty circus yet written. It exposes a grievous and intolerable logical flaw prancing about as substantive critique. Its beauty is that it is so simple an observation that it requires only four paragraphs to render the absurdity of this bread and circuses screaming match an inert triviality.

Daniel Greenfield:

We Can Have Gay Rights or Freedom of Speech
“What do a reality show star, a cakemaker and a photographer have in common? They’re all victims of a political system in which the mandate to not merely recognize gay marriage, but to celebrate it, has completely displaced freedom of speech.

The issues at stake in all three cases did not involve the Orwellian absurdity of “Marriage Equality”. The cases of a Christian cakemaker and a Christian photographer whom state courts have ruled must participate in gay weddings or face fines and jail time were blatant violations of both Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion in the name of outlawing any dissent from gay marriage.

That is why Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty was suspended. Robertson, unlike Bashir, didn’t take to the air to make violent threats against an individual. He expressed in plain language that he believes homosexuality is wrong. And that is something that you aren’t allowed to do anymore.

The left sneers that A&E isn’t subject to Freedom of Speech because it’s a private company. And they’re right. But then they insist that a cakemaker and a photographer aren’t protected by Freedom of Speech or Religion because they’re private businesses.”
_____ Daniel Greenfield

My G-d, that last paragraph is the end of this discussion. Now, let us talk about gay rights in the Palestinian territories.


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