CNN Arabic: Protecting the Sensibilities of Muslims

Yes, that’s what CNN does. But it is more than protecting muslims from hurt feelings: most of CNN’s advertisers are Muslim nations. The  disproportionate number of Mohammedans  employed by CNN makes a mockery of the whole operation. You get more unbiased news content from al Jizz, and I’m not being sarcastic here.

CNN Arabic: Protecting the Sensibilities of Muslims

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As most readers already know, a redesign of the Saudi flag, along with an article by Geert Wilders, were published at GoV and here a week ago. Since then we have posted texts of or links to the same essay translated into nineteen other languages.

An article published today at the CNN Arabic site takes note of Mr. Wilders’ creation. A machine translation (reproduced in its entirety at the bottom of this post) is somewhat garbled, but provides the gist of the text. For example, “Islam is a lie, Muhammad a criminal, the Koran is poison” becomes “Islam lied, and criminal Muhammad, and the Quran cm”.

The text seems to be a summary of Mr. Wilders’ essay, but it’s not clear whether the writer was referring to our Arabic translation, or worked directly from the original English.

The text refers to Mr. Wilders’ “article published on his official site ‘Vienna Gate’”, which makes for an entertaining notion.

Notice also that “CNN Arabic refrain from publishing the full picture of the Saudi flag as manipulation by Wilders.”

And indeed they did — take a look at the adjusted image of the flag published with theCNN article. They’re Islamophilic, and proud of it.

The full text of the machine translation:

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