“Fair Work” For Collectivist Parasites

Communism is a killer:

Working is stupid:

Collectivist  Parasite dumps on farmers:

AWU boss Paul Howes:  

Round up these ma and pa throwbacks

“… farming really is just a primitive “ma and pa” operation, that  way of life “needs” to stop”-

“Fair Work?”

….just take a look at the salaries. The total annual remuneration of a vice-president is $534,000 and of a deputy president, it is $435,000. Even the more junior commissioners earn $358,000…

The enemies of Australia will do whatever it takes:

 …with boats down to one a week, Labor tries to dismantle some of the policies which are clearly working: Boats slowing, but now Labor dismantles what’s working  (yes, they are that stupid.)

A Consky it is:

More stupid with clarity of purpose:

After the creeps were voted out:

 “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a cabinet of creeps; I can’t bear to take them seriously yet.”… A conservative government should laugh such critics to scorn

For “our” ABC, traitors are “whistleblowers”

  • Edward Snowden is as much a “whistleblower” as Kim Philby–The ABC’s description of Snowden is loaded, inaccurate and informed by hostility to the security interests of the West and its citizens. Snowden is about as much a whistleblower as Kim Philby or Wilfred Burchett.The ABC is out of control.

Barry’s Allures:

Obama Vows To Rid The World Of Aids