Pathetic PuffHo Dreck: “What Would Thomas Jefferson Do?”

, who presents himself as a “Senior Research Fellow, Kaufman Interfaith Institute, Grand Valley State University” praises a  newly published book by Denise Spellberg that  sounds as if its  Saudi commissioned Muslim propaganda. Kelly James Clark’s coconspirator Denise Spellberg, an American scholar of Islamic history at the University of Texas at Austin,   appears determined to befuddle the ignorant and the clueless.  Both appear to be hardcore MESA NOSTRA operatives. These people  operate in the  tradition of Mata Hari or Tokyo Rose. Denise goes even further: she peddles the  “holy” Koran!


“Muslim empires were unfairly portrayed as intolerant of their Christian citizens and with designs on taking over the (Christian) world by sword.”

Imagine that. There existed racist-bigot-Islamophobes right there and then! And they got it all so terribly wrong just like Gellerwoman and Spencerman today. Thanks to allah we have kumbaya tarts like Denise and Kelly who  deal in interfaith promo, what a blessing!  Won’t be long before our women happily wear the freedom sack and we start working on our zebiba,, while our children learn bomb making at the local madrassa. —Read it and weep.

Back to reality:

Here’s why Thomas Jefferson studied the Koran: to learn about the doctrine of an implacable enemy, in order to defeat them.

There is not a single American statesman or traveler or diplomat in the days of the early Republic who had a good word for Islam. And while you’re at it, do read it all, and remember what happened about that “historical iftar dinner” that never happened, but that is based entirely on a Mohammedan fantasy.  Stop rewriting history, about the American “connection” to Islam! There never was one beyond warfare, and so it should remain.


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    1. Even if he did, why would you condemn him for what was perfectly legal at that time? Would you expect him to fight the Algeriennes and the Tunisiennes and at the same time against his contemporaries in the newly founded U.S?

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