“I am a Muslim, not a terrorist” — Muselmaniacs whine about being “stigmatised”

Really? He makes it sound as if it wasn’t the same thing.

Muselmaniacs whine about being “stigmatised:

We have witnessed a state-sanctioned and deliberate use of the term “terrorist” to stigmatise individuals and small group acts of civil resistance as being of a “terrorist” nature

Imran Awan:  “I am a Muslim, not a terrorist”


The clean-shaven Imran would have you believe that “strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers” means “give ’em a hug!”.

Just goes to show that a savage in a suit is still a savage.

The UK Government’s Extremism Taskforce report came out yesterday, containing recommendations that will simply further stigmatise Muslim communities. A drastic change in how we talk about “terrorism” is needed, not to mention counter-terrorism policies based on the risks we actually face.

Dozens of hate clerics face being silenced by new anti-terror Asbos

The Daily Mail makes it sound as if it was a bad thing:

  • Orders will bar people from preaching messages of terror and hate
  • Also banned from entering venues, such as mosques or community halls
  • Part of anti-extremism task force set up after death of Drummer Lee Rigby

The Mosqueteers Behind the Jihad Murderers of British Soldier Lee Rigby are the real victims!  (Geller)

AFDI calls for immediate investigation into foreign mosque funding in the West and for new legislation making foreign funding of mosques in non-Muslim nations illegal.

SafariScreenSnapz008Muslim converts Michael Adebowale, left and Michael Adebolajo, right, have been convicted of the murder of soldier Lee Rigby. It comes as Government officials have identified 25 hate preachers who face being silenced with new ‘Asbo’ style anti-terror orders

The kind of ‘BACKLASH’ we’d like to see more often:

UK: Marks & Spencer faces boycott from customers furious over its accommodation of Sharia

An update from this:

“The spokesman said the policy applied throughout its 700-plus stores and to other religions as well. For example, Christians who did not want to work on Sundays and religious Jews who chose not to work on Saturdays would also be excused.” That is not at all the same thing. Different groups getting different days off is a private matter; it doesn’t affect the public face of the company. A checkout line (or more than one) that people have to avoid because they have alcohol or pork is part of the public face of the company: an official and public acknowledgment that it is bowing to Islamic law.

An update on this story. “M&S faces furious backlash from customers over Muslim policy,” by Nicola Fifield for the Telegraph, December 22 (thanks to JW)

More “backlash” and a small victory for freedom of expression:

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  1. Re.: M&S
    Of course they have the right to permit their employees to refuse to serve dirty Kufirs – and we dirty Kufirs have the right to stop shopping there.
    Soon, M&S will realise that the hard working people are those with money to spend and change their minds.

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