Mandela’s Funeral: a Circus For Dictators

Mandela’s funeral service: a celebration for dictators

Andrew Bolt

Nelson Mandela’s memorial service yesterday was a disgrace – a showcase of tyrants to honor a man who preached freedom.


Thanks to the Peoples Cube

I’ve already written that Mandela’s noble record as a reconciler is being used by the Left to sanctify his darker deeds – his use of terrorism and his embrace as president of corrupt dictators and men of violence, including Libya’s Gaddafi, Cuba’s Castro, the PLO’s Arafat, Nigeria’s Abacha and Indonesia’s Suharto.

Yesterday’s memorial service went even further – explicitly honoring dictators and former terrorists.

Here is the list of national leaders invited to speak:

President Barack Obama (USA)

President Dilma Rousseff (Brazil)

Vice-President Li Yuanchao (China)

President Hikepunye Pohamba (Namibia)

President Pranab Mukherjee (India)

President Raúl Castro Ruz (Cuba)

President of the Republic of South Africa: His Excellency Jacob Zuma

Mandela is honored for leading black south Africans to freedom and for bringing reconciliation with white South Africans. But speaking at his funeral was the Marxist co-dictator of the Cuban regime, a vice-president of the unelected Chinese communist regime and the president of Brazil, who’d once served jail for being a member of a Marxist guerrilla group.

In other news:

The sole speaker from Africa other than Zuma was the socialist president of Namibia, who was one of the few heads of state to congratulate brutal Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe for winning the rigged elections in July, even attending Mugabe’s inauguration.

This white-washing of tyrants and revolutionaries worked brilliantly, thanks in part to Barack Obama letting himself be used as a dupe:

But something unexpected and extraordinary happened before Obama even reached the podium–he stopped to shake hands with Cuban President Raul Castro, leader of America’s long-isolated Cold War rival… Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, who publicly clashed with Mandela and faced a barrage of sanctions from western governments, was also present, and he also shook hands with President Obama.

And the scattered but noisy crowd in the rain-lashed stadium signalled its sympathies were with the men of hate and oppression:

In contrast to reaction to Zuma’s name being mentioned, there were big cheers when Mugabe’s was read out…. China’s vice president Lee arrives, and he welcomes president Cuba’s president Raol Castro to massive applause.

The stars, almost all from the Left, were there to sprinkle the pixie dust of celebrity onto this laundering of brutality:

Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey and singer Bono, as well as British billionaire Richard Branson and musician Peter Gabriel are also expected to be among the celebrity mourners… Charlize Theron talks to Bono.

True, the crowd did boo one man there:

If you’re watching on TV and don’t understand the boos - the FNB crowd is booing every time South Africa’s President Zuma appears on the big screens up in the stadium.

Now why would they have booed Zuma, the heir to Mandela and the polygamous husband of four wives?

Zuma is facing a corruption investigation for allegedly using $20 million in state funds for the renovation of his residence in KwaZulu-Natal province, including the building of a swimming pool. The ANC is facing growing criticism for being ineffective, corrupt and out of touch with the hardships faced by South Africa’s poor.

And who mentored Zuma, refusing to cut him loose even after he’d been sacked over other corruption allegations? Who placed party loyalty over the national good?

Jacob Zuma …  just been fired as deputy president of South Africa, his financial adviser had been convicted of fraud and corruption and now Zuma himself was facing charges. In a month from hell, he was also mired in debt.

Rescue came in the shape of Nelson Mandela, who bailed out Zuma with a cheque for 1m rand (then worth about £80,000). It was June 2005. Two years later Zuma came back from the political dead to beat Thabo Mbeki for the presidency of the governing African National Congress (ANC)…

“Nelson Mandela gave him the money to pay off all his debts as a personal favour,” said William Gumede, author of Thabo Mbeki and the Battle for the Soul of the ANC. “It was in the hope that he would walk away from all those dubious benefactors. The idea was to say: ‘You know what, I’m seeing and hearing all this stuff and it doesn’t look good. There are no strings attached but I want you to clean up your act.’”

Really? Well, that didn’t work, did it?

There was, however, one cheering sign of good judgment at the funeral service – or there would be, if I didn’t suspect a racial element to it:

China’s Vice-President Li Yuanchao was booed.



On the very day that Cuban co-dictator Raul Castro was guest speaker at the funeral service for freedom fighter Nelson Mandela:

Cuban government agents have detained about 20 dissidents arriving for an International Human Rights Day march, halting the demonstration before it started…

Cuban authorities consider the island’s small community of outspoken dissidents to be counterrevolutionaries and charge they accept foreign money to try to undermine the Communist system.

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  1. Notepad: Mandela, or the illusion of “living together”

    Ivan Rioufol December 13, 2013 0:01 | 136 Comments

    The ” Rainbow Nation” bequeathed by Nelson Mandela in South Africa: can it serve as a model ? Behind the universal tribute to one who was able to call for forgiveness and coexistence between whites and blacks , we discover another reality : that of a country that is broken , of course, with racial segregation ( apartheid ) where racism, sectarianism or violence are anything but defeated. Mixed marriages are the exception, youth unemployment is over 50% black , crime is staggering . In his advice to travelers ,” the Quai d’ Orsay suggests ” to have a few notes and coins, to be delivered without delay and without hesitation , in case of aggression .” He recommends “keep windows closed and doors locked .”

    Paradise touted by hagiographers is two steps from hell. It is true that the arc -en-ciel ( not including white ) is ephemeral …

    Political correctness defenders “without frontiérs ” and miscegenation, made Mandela an icon. The unanimity of praise was beyond the qualities of this politician, who squandered the opportunity to sublimate its fragile balance . However, during the farewell to stadium in Soweto , Johannesburg on Tuesday , it was an almost exclusively black audience who appeared on television images. Multicolor nation , which should have put out the screens on this symbolic day , remained invisible. Worse, the cheers that greeted the despot Robert Mugabe, who drove the white farmers in neighboring Zimbabwe into a scorched earth were buried resurface the expression of racial revenge , contradicting the message of reconciliation Mandela . South Africa , an orphan of his ” giant of history” ( Barack Obama) , still has everything to prove.

    One thing is certain : it is not Francophone Africa , torn by internecine wars which forced France to exhausting interventions that will promote “living together” . ( The rest here )

  2. Political correctness defenders “without frontiérs ”.

    One has to say sneeringly, that the PC defenders never, ever live along the frontiers.

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