Multiculturalism is in its essence anti-European civilisation… It is basically an anti-Western ideology”

How can ‘all cultures be equal’ to each other?

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 Samuel P. Huntington described “multiculturalism” as being ‘that policy made up on the hoof after mass immigration began,’ when it was realised that immigrants from different cultures chose not to adopt the culture of the host nation. In his final work, ‘Who Are We?’ Huntington wrote, “Multiculturalism is in its essence anti-European civilisation . . . It is basically an anti-Western ideology.”


Islam: Silencing Its Critics with Violence

The Islamic response to criticism is death. When there is no self-defense, and armed with no logical explanation in order to combat the critics, the only way out is violence. That’s why whenever there are “peaceful” protests, the placards Muslims proudly hold high call for our beheadings. If you’ve never witnessed this firsthand, there are countless photos to prove it. Men, women and children all parade around with signs calling for our savage murders. Why? Because we dared to criticize. (More)

Multiculturalism and Islam, Taking the “Great” Out of Great Britain

Great Britain once conquered the seas and had an empire that covered around one third of the land on Earth, at one time or another, and was the largest empire in history. This empire made Britain the leading global power for over a century.

The British Empire (Wikipedia)

The British Empire (Wikipedia)

The average Briton alive today could not comprehend how our tiny island nation was once so powerful and a major force to be reckoned with, especially the younger generation who are not told of Britain’s past greatness at school. Likewise if someone were to be transported from the 19th century Victorian era to the present day, they would not believe what has happened to the ‘Great’ Britain they knew.

Kids are now taught at school that British history (Empire or no Empire) was mainly about oppression, slavery and war, and multiculturalism and political correctness is what makes ‘Great’ Britain today. Yes, like most countries there are aspects of British history that are ‘unsavoury’, and I would not like to airbrush anything out, but why should those who are living in the present have a ‘guilt complex’ over what our predecessors did, or did not do, 6, 7 or 8, or more generations ago?

Britain has made countless positive contributions to the world and has fought battles for the good of mankind – including standing up alone to Nazi Germany in 1940 – but these will not get mentioned as it will show that Britain was once great before ‘multiculturalism’!

Britain was virtually 100% native British only 65 years ago and for example, 69% of schoolchildren in London are now non-white. The figures for other cities like Leicester and Birmingham won’t be too far behind either, so anyone can see the path immigration has taken. Whilst most people are not anti-immigration per se, they want to see immigration controlled and immigrants integrate and abide by the law of the land. Some immigration is needed if there is a skills shortage or to replace people who have emigrated. However in stark contrast to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for example, the UK has had ‘open borders’ over the past decade or more, that have let too many people in and too quickly, putting huge strains on housing, jobs, NHS, transport, education, etc., which has an adverse effect on the host population due to as many as 250,000 more people entering the UK, than those leaving every year.

Apart from the UK there are currently 27 other EU member states with approximately 440 million people, and 25 of those member states are entitled to live and work in the UK.  The other two countries, Bulgaria and Romania, will have restrictions on their citizens emigrating lifted at the end of this year. Also ‘colonial guilt’ seems to be a factor whereas people from the British Raj, that includes modern day Pakistan and Bangladesh, are allowed to settle in the UK in large numbers, ironically colonising large areas of towns and cities in the UK, that now have parallel communities akin to the Indian subcontinent.

Not only economic factors but societal problems can occur when too many new immigrants arrive because they can fail to integrate properly: bringing intolerance to Western culture, feeling their culture should be imposed on the host nation, choosing to live in ‘segregated areas’ which results in the ‘white flight’ phenomenon (or effectively ethnic cleansing of areas), and ‘Balkanisation’ of cities, shanty towns, rise in crime, or even tribal differences. All this happens in the name of ‘multiculturalism’!

Romanians in a ‘shanty town’ in North London. Source:

Romanians in a ‘shanty town’ in North London. Source:

What is ‘Multiculturalism’?

So what exactly is the definition of ‘multiculturalism’? It can be defined as being: “The doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country.” It all sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Every culture and everyone being equal, living in perpetual peace … I’ll say Amen to that! Who wouldn’t? It sounds like paradise.

Or, another definition of ‘multiculturalism’ adds: “An ideology which states that all cultures are equal and therefore each one should be encouraged by the government and no single identity should be allowed to form.” … ‘All cultures are equal’ sounds nice, but it is an ‘ideology’ because not all cultures are necessary equal …  certainly when Islam is involved anyway!

The multicultural and politically correct ideologies are portrayed by virtually all of the media now in the UK; the population is effectively drip-fed constant subliminal messages on how to act, think and what vocabulary can or cannot be used. Over many years this has an effect of the psyche of the nation, not escaping even the most enlightened of non-conformists. How you act is up to the individual of course, but your livelihood can be at stake in this Orwellian 1984-esque society we seem to have in Britain nowadays where ‘thoughtcrimes’ are punished!

It is fair to say however that there are advantages to multiculturalism and immigration, but there are also an awful lot of disadvantages as well. Particularly when no one in Britain was asked their opinion on the open door immigration policy that Labour had between 1997 and 2010 (and is still far too high under the current Conservative/Lib Dem coalition), nor was it mentioned in Labour’s pre-election manifesto.

East London. Source:

East London. Source:

How can ‘all cultures be equal’ to each other? Samuel P. Huntington described “multiculturalism” as being ‘that policy made up on the hoof after mass immigration began,’ when it was realised that immigrants from different cultures chose not to adopt the culture of the host nation. In his final work, ‘Who Are We?’ Huntington wrote, “Multiculturalism is in its essence anti-European civilisation . . . It is basically an anti-Western ideology.”

I certainly agree with that point because Western societies evolved over centuries on Judeo-Christian values that now promote democracy and equality for all, including women’s rights, freedom of religion and prevention of discrimination on grounds of race, religion or gender, etc. In the UK there are extensive laws that aim to guarantee that equal opportunities are met and that everyone receives the same options as each other. It has taken centuries of democracy, protests and even wars to reach this point of our civilisation.

Islam & Multiculturalism in the UK

Admittedly, things may not be 100% perfect here in the UK. For example, we like to think we have ‘freedom of speech’, but in reality it is more loosely known as ‘freedom of expression’ as there are many legal acts which make certain comments or actions that discriminate against others an ‘offence’. For example we allow Muslims to be upset by an honest mistake, or let Muslims choose to be ‘offended’ over an innocent remark, or even force the general public to change their behaviour or actions in case of causing ‘offence’ to Muslims.

Most people would agree that racial discrimination is wrong; especially as this is something pre-determined and cannot be changed. However I feel that debating religion or atheism is perfectly legitimate in an open society because these are personal beliefs. Most non-Muslims usually don’t object to criticism, but if any offence is taken, then it is usually brushed aside as the individual’s faith is stronger than the criticism. However, it is clear that Muslims certainly don’t like any criticism of Islam, especially of the Prophet Muhammad, so threats of violence deter most dissenters anyway. But now the Equality Act 2010 can be used to ‘protect hurt feelings’.


Rule, Britannia! …. And ‘The Equality Act 2010’

The Equality Act was amended in 2010 and states: “The Equality Act protects people from discrimination because of religion or religious or philosophical belief. To be protected, a person must belong to a religion that has a clear structure and belief system.”

Despite its merits, this latest amendment has enabled Islam a ‘free reign’ within our society. All other religions allow the individual to function in a modern, Western secular society without affecting anyone else, so it is only Islam that has a problem. While it is fair enough that people are not being discriminated against, within this Equality Act it also closes down the ability to think and make moral judgments that you know to be valid within a society based upon Judeo-Christian values. Our Western culture is relatively liberal these days, but we are now told that virtually anything goes if it’s connected to a recognised religion, which in theory is fine, but this includes Islam.

It is also worth mentioning that despite Christianity being the religion of the majority in the UK, there is a systematic attempt to remove Christianity from public life. This even included trying to ban Christians from wearing crosses in the workplace, however thankfully this was finally overturned on appeal. Can you imagine the riots if hijabs, niqabs and/or burkas were banned?

In fact in the UK we don’t really know in the eyes of the law what exactly is right or wrong anymore. For example, contrary to British law, the Qur’an sanctions the following: misogyny, wife-beating and polygamy. So are these now acceptable? Do we turn our moral compass off because it is Islamic? Misogyny, wife-beating and polygamy are illegal under British law, but the Equality Act on the other hand effectively sanctions them because it enshrines the rights of religion to be practiced without discrimination.

Some Muslims see this ‘Equality Act’ as an official rubber-stamped approval and natural progression that has led to state-tolerated Shari’a courts in mosques, and some Muslims have tried to enforce Shari’a law controlled zones in Muslim ‘enriched’ areas. Numerous towns and cities in the UK have been plastered with stickers that tell the public how to behave and even vigilantes like ‘Muslim Patrol’ who through intimidation have forced members of the general public to abide by Shari’a law in ‘their area’ of London. So brazenly proud of their actions, Muslim Patrol even released videos of themselves defacing ‘inappropriate’ advertisements and accosting “members of the public for either consuming alcohol, dressing ‘inappropriately’, or being inebriated near a mosque.”

To be fair, it isn’t too surprising that some Muslims use these ‘equality’ laws, and when mixed with Islam, they then can act as though they are living in the Islamic Republic of Iran. No wonder some Muslims get confused! For example handing out leaflets in Derby that call for homosexuals to be executed as the Shari’a commands. This even led to one gay man living near the mosque having one of the leaflets pushed through his letterbox. He was terrified because he thought he had been specially targeted. However, this to my knowledge, is a unique example of Muslims being prosecuted under the ‘Equalities Act 2010’, because Muslims have always seemingly acted with impunity before, but even the authorities knew they had to act on this occasion. Or did they? Because the Equality Act contradicts itself when Islam is concerned!



Where Multiculturalism Has Led

We have all seen the bearded rent-a-mobs that Anjem Choudary assembles on our streets in the UK that have, to name but a few, burned flags, burned poppies in front of returning troops and thrown eggs at politicians. On one hand Choudary is the archetypal pantomime villain, even an idiotic, hypocritical buffoon, but on the other hand Choudary is a clear sign that something is wrong in our society.

Choudary is free to preach his hatred towards British society and demand Shari’a law; even the police protect him, whereas the police couldn’t care less about counter-jihadists. Time and again we see Choudary’s acquaintances imprisoned for plots to kill kuffar, but the police never act. It was even a prodigy of Choudary – Michael Adebolajo – that was seen quoting the Qur’an with blood soaked hands after butchering Lee Rigby in London. What did the media do? Choudary was wheeled in to speak his mind in numerous TV studios to declare that Adebolajo was in his opinion, ‘a nice man’ and refused to condemn his actions. In the coming days Choudary would unburden himself further by adding at a meeting that “Lee Rigby will burn in hell.” You couldn’t make it up!



Can We Reclaim Our Country?

The majority in the UK are kept silent by the ‘Equalities Act 2010’, but will the tipping point eventually arrive when that oppressed majority find their voice about the inequalities of FGM, street grooming gangs and women’s rights? It does not appear as the politicians will speak out because that would put their precious careers on the line, and in many cases, they do not represent the will of the people. Maybe the liberals who got us into this mess in the first place can lead us out of it? Personally, I will not be holding my breath!

I don’t have all the answers on how to change the psychology of the nation, but somehow we need to stand up for our greatness and not be afraid. Maybe a public show of strength, like in the last days of the Stasi police in East Germany, when people poured onto the streets in their thousands? Perhaps there will be one single event or terrorist attack that will mobilise the masses for people to take to the streets? One day the public will react, but hopefully that day won’t be too far away, for the sake of future generations. I know it might sound a bit of a cliché, but let’s put the ‘Great’ back into Great Britain!

By: Paul Wilkinson

4 thoughts on “Multiculturalism is in its essence anti-European civilisation… It is basically an anti-Western ideology””

  1. “Multiculturalism is in its essence anti-European civilization… It is basically an anti-Western ideology”

    Concise and accurate statement.

    The vast majority of us are being dominated by a pussified few.

  2. Multiculturalism IS racism!

    The reason all the so-called “islamic” countries are at the exact bottom of all the global developmental indexes, can only be EITHER “nurture” (the software programming, education/”cultural” indoctrination) OR “nature” (the hardware, or “race”)!

    Since all humans are born tabula rasa (as blank slates) it’s obvious that their islam causes their own suffering; let’s dare to compare:

    In reality, it’s all about human reason and an ongoing, dynamic agreement to become situationally right (as in factually correct) as opposed to whining that one should be entitled to the static, idolatrous and victim-blaming right to remain irresponsibly wrong:

    We self-reliantly CHOOSE to agree to the Golden Rule of Law, which, by simply defining all situational morality as: “Do Not Attack First!” enables trust, progress, and Civilization.

    (See all “Western” countries)!

    They force everyone to obey the brazen rule of chaos, which embodies destructive criminal slander and prejudicial immorality as: “Our god says we always have to attack all ‘The Others’ first!” and so inflicts distrust, stagnation, and Barbarism.

    (See all ‘moslem’ countries)!

  3. In other words:

    “Multiculturalism” pretends that, because all the mere superficial symptoms of growing up in different parts of the world (appearance, skin tone, sartorial variances and ‘preferences’ for, and familiarity with, various types of ‘ethnic’ foods, all really only depending on environment) are of only negligible importance, that “All Cultures Must Be The Same!”

    As if raising generations under the indoctrinating cultural imperative of “THOU SHALT KILL!” would make absolutely no difference in any subsequent social norms, when compared to raising a populace of children with “THOU SHALT NOT KILL!”

    Islam’s own most official instruction manual, the Qur’an, declares islam was created by “god” to violently destroy and replace all “other” religions and cultures in the world. The subsequent actions of their followers confirm this.

    Further, they have declared it their “right” to murder anyone who even verbally declares their defensive opposition to the moslem’s attacks, in declaring it “blasphemy” (a ‘crime’ punishable by death) to resist their extortions.

    Multiculturalism IS racism.

    There’s only TWO real indoctrinating “cultures” in the world (and universe)!

    Civilization, and Barbarism – and they are exact opposites, NOT “Diversely Equal!”

    Civilization is based on the Golden Rule of Law (live and let live; Do Not Attack First) and Barbarism is the exact opposite (“It’s only our holy right and duty to always attack all the non-members of our holy crime gang first, so there, Nyah!”).

    By agreeing to obey the Golden Rule, we enjoy trust, progess, and civilization.

    By always attacking first they always inflict distrust, stagnation, and barbarism!

    EITHER all the moslem countries are at the exact bottom of the developmental indexes because of their indoctrinatng culture (nurture), OR it’s because of racial inferiority (nature).

    Liberals can’t have it both ways, but they’ll always try to!

    While at WORST, all “real” religions only say:

    “Obey our silly rules, or GOD (/’the gods’) will get you!”

    ONLY islam says:

    “Obey our silly rules, or WE will get you (‘for god’)!”

    Thus islam proves its muslims are atheists, as they have absolutely no faith in even their god’s own desires and ability to enforce even it’s own us-versus-them and might-makes-right creed! And besides, while their creed demands that their god be omnipresent and never separated from its creation, (the declaration of which they hold to be the worst sin) when your definiton of a god is generally only “Everything!” then it’s also specifically only “Nothing!” Existentialism IS Nihilism!

    And islam is only slanderous victim-blaming extortion appended with the alibi/excuse that:

    “God told us to commit these crimes!”



  4. The moment multiculturalism became mandatory it became pathological. I remember when it started. One day it was “I think I’ll go try some new foreign food, maybe I’ll like it”. The next day it was “You must go try some new foreign food and you will like it or else”.

    It is mental illness.

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