One (Musel-)man dead, three injured in Melbourne mosque stabbing

Morning Prayer Stabbing

Must be another case of ‘my allah is better than yours’, or something…..

One man dead, three injured in Melbourne mosque stabbing

The Australian

ONE man is dead and three others injured after a fight broke out at a Melbourne mosque, reportedly when one of the men was denied entry to morning prayers.

Here’s the story from The AGE:

One killed, two injured, in stabbing at Dallas mosque

Not to be confused with Dallas/Texas. Dallas in Melbourne is a heavily enriched suburb.

Three men were stabbed in the altercation at the Broadmeadows Mosque in Dallas, just before 11am today, police say.

A man died and a man in his 70s is in hospital fighting for his life with wounds to his upper body.

Two other men, one aged in his 50s and the other in his 20s, were taken to hospital in stable conditions.

Media reports say the fight broke out when a man was turned away from morning prayers.

Resident Yunus Saglam, who attends the mosque and knew the dead man, said the injured men had been trying to help break up the scuffle.

“I heard there was some kind of argument,” he told AAP.

“The sad thing is they were just trying to help and break things up.”

A man has been arrested and the homicide squad is investigating.

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  1. You mean journalists? I haven’t heard them be so descriptive. But most readers would simply label them what they are – muslims with one or more of a myriad of grievances

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