The Selfie POTUS


Professor Henry Graff : “I taught at Columbia for 46 years” Obama Could Not Have Gone There

There is no shortage of evidence that Barrack H. Obama is quite possibly the most inept, deceptive and disgraceful president that America has ever seen.

With all that we do know about Barrack Obama, what don’t we know?  (More here)



6 thoughts on “The Selfie POTUS”

  1. @Stephanie: nothing much has changed… arabs still keep blacks as slaves.

    @ Sheik: tsk tsp careful with those cartoons, remember what happened to those belgian (belgian or swedish?…anyway one of those islamic colonies) cartoons. ….

  2. Oskar Freysinger, a member of the Swiss Parliament gave a passionate speech filled with truth that no politician in Washington, DC has yet to give from the floor of Congress. He calls out Islam for what it is: A dogma that is gnawing away at the pillars of our system of laws, wherever it is granted the space to do so.

    Brilliant stuff. Watch it and pass it on.

    1. Thank you, DP111.

      I am proud to call Oskar Freysinger my friend and collaborator in the anti-Islam struggle. I am familiar with his excellent speeches but the English translation of the article you sent me is not quite up to scratch.
      Have you got the original text in German?

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