More Blood Bubbles

Anti-Jewish activists have moved their attention from chocolate to an Israeli-owned soda company.

Scarlett Johansson responds to SodaStream criticism

American actress Scarlett Johansson released a statement Friday about the controversy surrounding her role as the first-ever brand ambassador of the Israeli company SodaStream, describing the firm as “building a bridge to peace between Israel and Palestine,” and making clear that she would not stepping away from it.

Tim Blair:   Blood Bubbles

In other news:

Congress and White House agree: occupation is the best solution

Did you know that the US wholeheartedly supports the occupation? (EoZ)

soda poster

Pali agitprop “Dr” Jamil Khader throws everything in his arsenal,  including the kitchen sink, at her:

The American Studies Association’s (ASA) historic decision to boycott, divest from and sanction Israeli academic institutions has inadvertently become a site for a long overdue debate about the taboos in US public discourse and media regarding the Israeli apartheid and Zionist settler-colonialism in Palestine.

Do read on. Poor chappy becomes increasingly unhinged, like Arabs always do….

Dr Jamil Khader, Professor of English at Stetson University, is completing a year-long Fulbright Fellowship at Bir Zeit University, Palestine. He is the author of numerous publications on postcolonial feminism, popular culture, and literary theory.

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