Norway kicks out record numbers of foreign criminals, mostly Muslims….

I find it mildly amusing to call a Scandinavian gov’t “right wing”. They are all socialists, of course. But not all are suicidal loons, and some have had a gut full of Mohammedan cultural enrichers who came to destroy their pretty little welfare state.

NORWAY: New right wing government is kicking out foreign criminals, most of them Muslims  (BNI)

See what happens when you kick the leftists out of government and replace them with a real conservative. Erna Solberg, leader of Norway’s Conservative Party, took office as new prime minister in October, and introduced a new cabinet that ‘represents the entire country.’


A record number of foreign citizens were deported from Norway last year, after country’s police stepped up the use of deportation as a way of fighting crime. (The Local)

Perhaps this is why this British leftard calls Norwegians all kinds of names: 

British journalist writing in the Guardian newspaper has torn into the Norwegians, accusing them of being “fearful of outsiders”, harbouring a “disturbing Islamophobic subculture”, and polluting the world with their oil exports.

 Its not much, but it could be the beginning of a turnaround:
Some 5,198 foreign citizens were expelled from the country in 2013, an increase of 31 percent since 2012, when 3,958 people were deported.
“It is the highest number we’ve had ever,” Frode Forfang, head of the Directorate of Immigration (UDI), told NRK. “We believe that one reason for the increase is that the police have become more conscious of using deportation as a tool to fight crime.”
Nigerian citizens topped the list of those expelled for committing crimes, with 232 citizens expelled as a punishment in 2013, followed by Afghan citizens with 136 expelled as a punishment, and 76 Moroccans expelled as a punishment.
Afghan citizens topped the list of those expelled for violating the Immigration Act, with 380 expelled for this reason, followed by Iraqi citizens, 234 were expelled for violating the act.

In other news:

Cologne’s Archbishop didn’t want to offend Muslims

Cardinal Joachim Meisner was speaking on Friday to members of a conservative Catholic group famous for their large families when he said: “I always say, one of your families to me makes up for three Muslim families.”

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4 thoughts on “Norway kicks out record numbers of foreign criminals, mostly Muslims….”

  1. At last an adoption of common sense.
    The murderers of Lee Rigby are attempting an appeal that murder is valid if one calls oneself a soldier of Allah the imaginary.
    There also seems to be a reaction of the British Home Secretary against the buffoons of European law.
    This stupid behaviour encourages anti EU adoption when the referendum takes place.

  2. @Hellosnackbar,

    “This stupid behaviour encourages anti EU adoption when the referendum takes place.”

    When the referendum takes place? Don’t you mean if…it takes place?

    It appears Labour was too cowardly for a referendum and the Conservatives will allegedly only allow a referendum if the get reelected. Pfft! As if that-referendum is reason alone to vote for the new pussy Conservative party into governance again.

  3. Well done Norway. Push back is the only recourse to self preservation.

    I would like to say, I hope other Euros follow, but given the current powers that be in Sweden, France and England, I am not so sure suck prudent action is possible.

  4. Sweden will follow shortly – the mohammedans have murdered too many innocents here, The only pity is that they will be deported, and not executed in a manner fitting their behaviour – but I guess that civilization has its hidden costs as well.

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