State Department "Adviser on Extremism" Urges US to “Befriend” Al Qaeda


Obamastan. A place where dipsticks like William McCants get paid for outrageous nonsense  and serious scholars are vilified for telling the truth about Islam. The article clings to the idea that we shouldn’t push an Al Qaeda linked group all the way into Al Qaeda’s camp by designating it as a terrorist group.

But McCants is not the only agitprop pushing enemy propaganda:

DC: State Dept has a Muslim cleric(s) on payroll

Did you know the State Dept. wastes uses your tax dollars to pay a Muslim cleric? To visit Muslim countries? And teach them how to influence Americans about Islam? How many others are there? via State Dept. Muslim cleric confronts questions of loyalty, identity  (Creeping Sharia)

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 29, 2014  In The Point

Officially there are no more terrorist attacks, just man-caused disasters brought about by offensive YouTube videos. Also there are no more terrorists. Just Violent Extremists. And there’s no more counter-terrorism, just experts on Countering Violent Extremism.

William McCants was a U.S. State Department senior adviser for countering violent extremism and is a director of the Project on U.S. Relations with the Islamic World at the Brookings liberal think tank.

At the CFR’s Foreign Affairs, McCants joined together with two others to argue that Ahrar al-Sham is, and I quote, “an al Qaeda–Linked Group Worth Befriending.”

With the collapse of the Free Syrian Army, the Islamic Front is now the only game in town for the people who insist that we should counter Al Qaeda by supporting Al Qaeda.

The article begins by defending Obama’s stupid jayvee crack, denounces the “political rights” and argues that, “The al Qaeda of yesterday is gone. What is left is a collection of many different splinter organizations, some of which have their own — and profoundly local — agendas.”

Continued below the fold.

Islam, nothing but Islam

quran-loveMany Muslims claim they receive deep and satisfying pleasure from a book that most have never read. (TROP)

The Hypocrisy of the Huffington Post’s Praise of Muhammad


“Muhammad had similar beliefs to that of George Washington, a key founding father of America.” — Craig Considine

Editor’s Note: This is Part VII of an ongoing series by Robert Spencer highlighting human rights hypocrisy and fraudulent peace activists. For Part I see “The Hypocrisy of the ‘Islamophobia’ Scam,” for Part II see “The Hypocrisy of the Fatwa Against Terrorism,”  for Part III see “The Hypocrisy of the Feminist Response to Islam’s Oppression of Women,” for Part IV see “The Hypocrisy of the Western Christian Response to Muslim Persecution of Christians,” for Part V “The Hypocrisy of the Leftist Response to Ariel Sharon’s Death,” and for Part VI see last week’s “The Hypocrisy of Ibrahim Hooper and CAIR’s ‘Islamophobic List’”

The Huffington Post has published yet another article extolling the virtues of the orthodox Christian view of Jesus Christ – no, of course I am not serious. The Huffington Post would never publish something as right wing and sectarian as that. No, what the HuffPo has published is another in a long string of articles in praise of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, who is a much more palatable figure to the American Left.– Read more by Robert Spencer…

In His Last Message, Jihad Fighter Urges His Parents To “Return” To Islam
“In His Last Message, Russian-Speaking Jihad Fighter Urges His Parents To Go Back To Islam, Expresses Wish To Be Martyred Soon,” MEMRI, January 22, 2014

A video posted January 6, 2014 on website features the last statement of Rajab Abu Yusuf, apparently a mujahid from Dagestan who fought in the Caucasus. His message, which is addressed to his parents, focuses on convincing them not to be sad or angry over his choice of becoming a mujahid – because thanks to this choice both he and they will attain Paradise. He also admonishes his parents for not being believers and implores them to repent and become “monotheists.”

Abu Yusuf stresses that “our enemies”, the leaders of Russia and Dagestan, are lying when they pretend to enforce law and order, for they are corrupt and the society they rule is therefore a sick society.

unnamedRajab Abu Yusuf in the video

More of the same. A is A. According to Islamic doctrine, it is the secularists, the moderates who have Islam wrong. Read the quran. Don’t take his word for it or mine, or the word of millions of Muslims waging jihad.

Looks like moderates are the “misunderstanders.” But no worries: Islamic supremacists, apologists and  washerwomen in the media are on it. They’ll clean up this mess. Scrub-dub-dub “extreme Islam” on aisle 3. Careful clowns, don’t get blood on your clothes.

The good news is, this jihadi is dead. How them raisins working out fer ya? Read more…. (Pamela Geller)


Limbaugh lives rent free (in Obama’s head)

Once again Barack Obama blamed FOX News and Rush Limbaugh for his dismal ratings. Obama told the New Yorker it was FOX and Rush Limbaugh’s fault he is sinking in the polls.


Turks celebrate Santa’s circumcision in Istanbul

They really love Christmas, don’t they?

Islamists Stab & Circumcise Santa Effigy in Istanbul (and these very same swine complain that  the EUSSR is making it too hard for them to take over…)


Continued: how to befriend al Qaeda

That line is a bit misleading. The Al Qaeda of yesterday is not  gone, it’s overshadowed by local organizations, meaning that Al Qaeda has accomplished its goal of serving as a vanguard for a global movement of terrorist groups committed to its worldview.

The “jayvees” have overshadowed the Lakers because they have more people, more weapons and more territory. While the Lakers are content to sit and watch the expansion of new franchises around the world.

“Today, two different al Qaeda affiliates, the al-Nusra front and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), are battling each other in Syria’s Raqqa province. Perhaps Oliver North might argue that it is incumbent on the United States to take out both groups. But a more nuanced take would lead the president to ask key questions before taking precipitate action.”

The article conveniently avoids answering the question while taking the time to sneer at Oliver North. But as the experts know full well, the old Al Qaeda had its share of violent conflicts.

The outcome of such a conflict is responsible for Zawahiri’s current position.

Then the article argues that Ahrar al-Sham and the rest of the Islamic Front are the best hope for defeating Al Qaeda in Iraq. That may or may not be so, but the article fails to qualify why we should care which flavor of Al Qaeda emerges victorious in the battle to lose to Assad.

“Second, designating Ahrar al-Sham as a terrorist group would destroy what little chance the United States has of building relationships with the other militias in the Islamic Front. Those relationships will be important for ensuring that the Front treats Syrian civilians well during the war and after, should Assad ever be toppled. Making a direct enemy of Ahrar al-Sham would also make it extremely difficult for U.S. nongovernmental organizations to move aid through territory controlled by it and the Islamic Front, because U.S. law prohibits working with terrorist organizations.”

Which would be a good thing, because we could finally stop providing aid to terrorists.

Are we supposed to collaborate with Al Qaeda in the hopes that it will treat civilians and NGOs well when it takes over? Does that sound like the behavior of any Al Qaeda linked group?

“Finally, Ahrar al-Sham’s leader, Hassan Abboud, has never endorsed bin Laden’s vision of a global jihad. His struggle is limited to Syria. Designating his group as a terrorist organization might backfire by pushing it completely into al Qaeda’s camp.”

And this is where it gets truly stupid.

The vision of a global Jihad wasn’t something that Bin Laden came up with, it was something that Islam came up with. A group that believes in the primacy of Islamic law and rule in Syria also believes that this state of affairs should exist worldwide.

Furthermore Al’Suri was Al Qaeda’s representative in Syria all along and was a co-founder of Ahrar al-Sham. That means a direct Al Qaeda involvement in setting up this flavor of Al Qaeda.

The article clings to the idea that we shouldn’t push an Al Qaeda linked group all the way into Al Qaeda’s camp by designating it as a terrorist group.

How exactly is this appeasement supposed to turn back time?

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  1. State Department adviser on “extremism” urges U.S. to “befriend” al Qaeda

    Robert Spencer Jan 30, 2014 at 8:12am Al-Qaeda, Useful idiots, willful ignorance


    Establishment “experts” on foreign policy and Islamic jihad terror generally suffer from willful ignorance about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, and traffic in comforting politically correct fictions about Islam being a religion of peace that has been hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists — a fiction that has led the U.S. into numerous disastrous, indeed catastrophic, foreign policy errors. This is one of the more egregious manifestations of the self-defeating, futile courses of action they advocate: three members of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations (Michael Doran, Will McCants, and Clint Watts, pictured above left to right in that order), including a former State Department Senior Adviser (McCants), advocate that we befriend an al Qaeda group that they think is “moderate” in order to wean it away from “extremism.”

    This strategy has been followed again and again, and never accomplished anything but the loss of American lives and the waste of American money and materiel. For months now numerous people have claimed that if we didn’t aid the Syrian “moderates,” they would have nowhere to turn but to the “extremists.” We aided them, although not as much as some people would have liked (including Barack Obama and John Kerry), and they turned to the “extremists” anyway.

    It is not surprising that the puerile and silly Will McCants is fronting this notion. He is one of the learned analysts who are essentially children in adult’s clothing, babbling on like fifth graders about “bad guys” and ideas that are “crazy pants.” McCants also harbors a Reza Aslan-like fondness for contemptuous Twitter abuse of those who dare to suggest that Islamic texts and teachings may sometimes incite believers to violence.

    This is the kind of boy who sets State Department policy these days. No wonder we’re in the fix we’re in.

    “State Department Adviser on Extremism Urges US to ‘Befriend’ Al Qaeda,”
    by Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage, January 29:

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